Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I'm always a bit bassackwards

After my post of earlier, I went to read some posts by geek boi. ( geek boi - uncensored: Types (now in Stereo!) ) It's all be said before, and far more eloquently than I.

What does "straight acting" mean? Having been living for 50 years pretending to be str8, I'm not sure if I really am str8 acting or not. I know that I can be a bit effeminate sometimes, but I'm anything but femme. Large, hairy, overweight, big feet, very bearish. Am I likely to act differently since I have come out (to myself, anyway)? On this I must ponder.

Cheers, Mind the Bear


geek_boi said...


Well, I'm large, hairy, overweight and have big feet, and can pass for str8 I guess, but sometimes "it" does slip through a little. No worries, since thats just who I am.

I'm glad that you've got a blog now. It'll help you to journal your thoughts in a constructive way. Thats what my blog is for anyway. Speaking of which, I hope it's been a good influence. Sometimes I forget that I'm being read by more than just myself.


Michael said...

Speaking of bassackwards, I just noticed on your link list you already found Narnia, Bending the Rule and Gay Spirituality & Culture.

That's me! Rush in to help when things are already being well taken care of!