Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Home again

It was a long trip to Memphis and back, but daughter is settled back in school. Now we just wait for the first crisis. She will survive, she will do well. But after all, she is majoring in drama. Runs in the family, I guess.

It was miserably hot, even by Memphis standards, in the 100's. But all got done, moved in, purchased, etc. She had commitments on campus on Sunday afternoon and evening, so I went out on my own and found the Pumping Station. Folk were very friendly, funny, welcoming, and frisky, too. Didn't get into any "trouble", but enjoyed visiting with folk.

I made the long trek back on Tuesday morning, leaving at 6.30 (and it was already about 80 degrees).

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Laudate Domino

Tomorrow, I am off to Memphis, returning the eldest offspring to college. The youngest offspring shall be accompanying me while their mom takes the eldest. With the separation, it works best for us to go separately. BUT with all my daughter's stuff, we'll need two cars, anyway.

Mom and youngest leave on Sunday. College daughter will be busy most of Sunday, then I will help her with things on Monday, before returning east. What should I do in Memphis on Sunday evening, any suggestions?

Oh, this is the view from my back deck. I do live in the most beautiful part of the world.

I am feeling really good, right now. I know assuredly there will be some more downs, but I am rejoicing in the now.

More new digs

The new digs had been bought by someonedoing a "flip-this-house" project. So, there is new carpet (beige, of course), new paint (check the red kitchen), and all new appliances. Woo.

And, there is a garage! Note the nifty keeno car. (not new).

And, there is a great (and private) back deck that looks into the woods.

And then, there is a new resident!

New Digs

Here is a picutre of my new digs.

It's quite nice. I live in the most beautiful area I can imagine.

And here is an inside shot. Notice the lovely furniture.

More later.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Movin' on up

For the last 6 weeks I have been "house sitting" for some friends. That was a gracious thing, allowing me to move out on my own with few extra expenses. And, it is a very nice home. But living in someone else's space, with their furniture, family pictures, etc., is a little weird. I can do it, but another gracious possibility has come my way: a condo to rent for next-to-nothing.

So, I have made the leap! I am in a space of my own. If I can, I'll post some pictures. There is little or no furniture, and the air conditioner is not functioning up to par. But I can begin to think about "making it my own." My girls came over yesterday afternoon and gave me great ideas for decorating. (Actually, they gave me specific instructions). It will take time to develop.

Still, I feel sadness from time to time. And, there is the guilt, and the added guilt about not feeling "guilty enough." But I am going to enjoy it. My guilt-about-guilt will do no one any good. Leave it be.

Onward, upward, progress. I'm having some fun!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Construction Ahead

I have not disappeared. In fact, I am very much here in the flesh! (In the flesh, indeed).

The adjustment to "single" life has been difficult. No wild parties or bar hopping evenings. Some loneliness, sadness, mourning. And, some great time to myself, too. All rolled up together.

Prayers go out to Bigg, struggling with cancer and undergoing chemo. It's so unfair!

I am buoyed by my Internet friends and new acquaintances here in town. I have been blessed with a place to stay, for now. More blessings are on the horizon for a more permanent residence. I am overwhelmed. Really.

Tonight, I have my girls for dinner. We are still working out details fo sharing time with children. The youngest just had her 16th birthday. the oldest has her 19th in just a few days. They've been great.

Still some very rough places. But the beat goes on! More later.

Shalom & Cheers, "Joe."