Monday, November 21, 2005

All of Me.

There is a part of me this is, well, a bit flamboyant, I suppose. I can certainly be outrageous every once in a while. I can be very funny, a bit dramatic, some what of a ham. I enjoy, and I don’t think I over do it (let’s hope not). Of course, this kind of behavior can have its dark side. One can wax a bit too eloquent and dramatic and flamboyant, sometimes. [After all, where do you think the term “flaming” comes from?] But it can be stealing too much of the show, an over played stunt to get attention.

But there are upsides, as well. I will tend to be the one who will say what most everyone is thinking but will not say. On occasions of public speaking or such, I am very good (so I’m told). Even if the content may be lacking, I’m entertaining.

I’ve never questioned this about myself. It’s just me. Yes. It is. Is this part of being gay? We know the stereo-types, but they DO come from somewhere. Is this part of the gift of being gay that I haven't claimed as gay or put together. So many pieces. So much to ponder and wonder and discover. Thoughts appreciated.

The part about "male attraction" I understand as gay. I've felt that and want to feel it more (as much as I might want to, let's not go there right now). That is perhaps the main "part" of being gay that so many people (and of course, many Christians) cannot understand or accept. But we know that isn't the only part, the single aspect.

I will confess that I am in the Episcopal Church. We've had a lot going on in our denomination about GLBT persons and their place in minstry (and activities in private, too). I heard of a lesbian priest talking with a parishioner lamenting the loss of members in the Church. They agreed that they might gain some members, as well. The priest said, "Yes, they'll have infinitely better taste, too."

There are some things we do well because of who we are. I feel so relieved to begin claiming all of me.


Michael said...

One of the perks of being out is that you can base your entire life on old show tunes. In this instance, from West Side Story: "I feel pretty and witty and gay!"

geek_boi said...


I don't feel very flamboyant most of the time, especially when I've just gotten out of bed in the morning. Oh man, don't even look at me until I've had some coffee and a shower.

Just keep being yourself and you'll find that whoever you are is, well, just who you are. Hmmm....I should write that down...

BentonQuest said...

I think part of the stereotype has to do with the fact that we cannot just go through life belching, scratching, and watching NASCAR. We actually have to look at our life and figure out what is happening. I don't know many gay people who have an unexamined life.