Monday, March 14, 2011

Ouch - and - the power of song

I must remember how to tie shoes.  No, it's not the mechanics of handling the laces that eludes me (though, I must admit, it took me quite a while to learn, as a child).  It is the mechanics of bending over to tie them.

I "threw my back out."  Again.  Ugh.

It's not so bad as last time.  I am much better after just a few days.  But still.  This is not the way I wanted to spend "a few days off."  But it has forced the issue of taking some time off (which was sorely needed - no pun intended).

So, lying here in bed, legs supported gently, I've slept, read, watched YouTube videos (and some others), and done some work needed for today.  It was stuff  for which I was responsible for a business meeting.  I did not have to lead the "stuff", just have it prepared.  And so, over the weekend, I got it all done, emailed to appropriate folk.  It was an out-of-town meeting that I don't mind missing.  That wasn't really how I wanted to take time off, either.

And, I've got a big presentation thingy at work on Wednesday night.  So, I'll have time to work on that.

And in other news . . . . .

As mentioned, I watched some things on-line.  Several of the oft-touted It Gets Better videos, once again, moved me to tears.  Why does that always happen?  Some of the most moving ones involved several gay men's choruses.  So I Googled several and watched more youtubes of them.  I cried more.  Good stuff.  The power of song, the wonder of men's voices, the strength of other gay men singing out together.  The Heartland Men's Chorus has a wonderful mission:  "our voices enlighten, inspire, heal, and empower."  They are out and proud and take that mission seriously, I think.  Many other gay men's choruses do that, as well, and I was inspired and healed by hearing stories of others.  And music that sings to my soul.  There are some great It Get's Better videos with both music and interviews from the London Gay Men's Chorus, The Gay Men's Chorus of DC and the Vancouver Men's Chorus.  Worth watching.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Love wins

A friend of mine said he did not believe that God would condemn anyone to "hell" but that all will go to heaven.  It's just that some of them won't like it one damn bit.

There are always some who will complain.  No matter what.

My relationship with God has no need for anybody's condemnation.

I saw recently this video by Rob Bell.  Don't know if I'll buy the book, but his premise is compelling. Impressive.

LOVE WINS. from Rob Bell on Vimeo.