Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mery Christmas

Merry Christmas to all;

and to all, a good night.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Alive and trudging

Had I made this post last week (or even earlier this week) it might have been a bit bleaker.  But things move, shift, awaken, recede.

Christmas is coming!  Ugh!  My children have been a help in keeping me a bit focused, doing the seasonal tasks that need doing.  It's the shopping that I hate.

I don't mean i detest doing any shopping qua shopping.  It's buying presents that will never be just right, good enough, etc.  And, it's spending money.  I am rather cheap frugal, like Mr. Scrooge, a good steward of my paltry resources.

But I'm getting buy by.

Meanwhile, here is a picture from a month or so back.  Turkeys in the yard at our house in the woods.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Darkness & Light

Sorry for the lack of posts.  The days are getting shorter.  And the Darkness descends.  This time of year has always been difficult for me, and this year is no exception.  But it is not all darkness.  There is light, as well.

I am getting some things in my life together; I'm not letting the darkness overcome me.

My back is still a bit troublesome but better.  The weather is getting cold; it may sleet or snow today.  There are many work responsibilities requiring attention.

Enough for now.  I am here, I am still moving, journeying, living.

The light shone in the darkness.  The darkness did not overcome it.

And in other news . . . . 

The picture is of my room in the House of C & S.  It's small, but it's home.  Looks like I'm going to be here a while.  They are wonderful, welcoming folk with whom to live.  I am grateful.  My laptop sits atop a bookshelf (when it's not in bed with me).  The towel and such on the bed is for Pippy the cat who stays with me.   The windows look out onto the garden.  The house has a wooded setting, so there's little need to clothes the curtains.

I'm making some new friends, slowly, carefully.