Saturday, November 19, 2005


For my birthday, my family gave me a hot air balloon ride! It was truly an experience full of awe. Always have I wanted to do this, but never have. Now I know I want to be a balloon pilot in my next life.

The picture (I took it myself!) is Mt. Pisgah: the mount from which Moses saw the promised land. Around here, we figure that if we can see Mt. Pisgah, we must be in the Promised Land.

Altitude gives new perspective. One can truly see the lay of the land, the expanse of creation. The horizon get farther away. Somehow the world seems much bigger, and yet everything is smaller. Big things can suddenly seem inconsequential. Not so insurmountable. "Lift thine eyes, oh lift thine eyes."

A beautiful experience, and the pilot was really hot, too. But, alas. This was a great gift. I recommend it for all. (a bit expensive, but worth it).
Cheers to one and all, and any. MindtheBear.
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Michael said...

I have always wanted to do a hot air balloon ride! Lucky you to have such a thoughtful and creative family.

My Partner was in the Green Berets during Vietnam and jumped out of airplanes. Now he won't even go up in the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier. So if I ever get in a balloon, he will wave from the ground. But if the pilot is hot... maybe he would come along for the ride anyway. I just have to look for a Yehuda Levi look-alike pilot.

Ross said...

Welcome to blogland. I stumbled upon your blog just tonight. I'm very moved by your words and your journey. I'm a bit younger than you, and have been out for a while, so sometimes I feel insensitive to someone else's journey.

Thanks for being so vulnerable and sharing this with all of us. I know you are still the annonymous blogger, but you have an ability to connect. Keep it up!

geek_boi said...

MtB, was your birthday recently? If so, happy Birthday! If it wasn't recent, then happy birthday anyway! A hot air ballon ride sounds like a stroke of genius on your family's part. I'll have to keep it in mind for future b-days...

Steve said...

As a slowly un-closeting 5th Dimension fan, a hot-air-balloon pilot who is hot himself lends a new image to "Up, Up & Away"!

As a height-averse fellow, I am generally a terra-firma kind of guy - and the more firma, the less terra. Still, you're a pretty good sales-person for that. Unfortunately, my birthday is in March - and most folks in Chicago don't even want to be out-of-doors in March, let alone in a hot-air-balloon!

Your reference to "lift up thine eyes" reminds me of an image from Max Lucado - that when we have stumbled, or are unsure of our footing or the path, we tend to focus on our feet and where we're walking, rather than "looking to the hills from whence comes our help" to see where we're bound.

I have to remember that, and "look up" periodically. So it's a good reminder.

And the world always looks a little better with some altitude. Or maybe it's just distance from others. Many people I've heard in church have said, "I'd really enjoy ministry work, if it weren't for all the @#$%in' people..."

Great to hear you - and happy birthday!

BentonQuest said...

A couple of years ago, I treated myself to a hot-air balloon ride. It was great! The banner to my blog is a picture I took form the balloon.

I agree with you, if anyone ever gets a chance to go for a ride, DO IT!