Thursday, March 30, 2006


Well, friends, my blog has gone nuts. Or I have.

I thought I added one thing in the template, and I must have messed up something else. Because then, the whole thing was centered. All the text was realigned.

So, in trying to fix it, I lost some other formatting. Just one of those days. . . .

I'll try get things back in order, links back up, etc.

On another note, I've gotten over a virus but it left me with a bit of a cough. A friend has helped out and given me some "cough medicine." Home made.

Clear as can be, and with quite a bit. Helps the cough.

Living in the mountains can have certain advantages.

cheers, Joe.


A Troll At Sea said...
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A Troll At Sea said...

Ah, Mr. Bear.

Has it occurred to you that we might delight in your ability to lose links like the rest of us? I suggest going to the bottom of your Template window and substituting something else for "Edit-Me".

On the subject of home medicines: when Mark Twain was in San Francisco working on a newspaper, he came down with a terrible cold. His best friend suggested that he drink a quart of whiskey a day; his landlady also recommended the same. And he said:
"That made half a gallon".

With kind regards,

CanEragon said...

Templates are very touchy things. It seems this is still working because I come here daily. Blogger has had its problems as of late with servers and such so it may not have been lost, just on hold for a little while.

Make sure your sidebar and your template specifics are ok. Little missteps create blogger problems.

So keep writing.

Brother Jeremy