Saturday, March 04, 2006

Enquiring minds want to know

Some responses to recent questions:
  • Is that really me in the profile picture? Yes. Summer of 2004
  • No, "Joe"was a childhood nickname from my grandfather (for whom I was named). Since he and I shared the same name, he always referred to me as "Joe." And I like that name far better than my real one, anyway.
  • Why the anonymity? It really is necessary for me right now.
  • If any know more about me, please keep it to yourself.
  • If you have honored me with more info on you, be assured it will go nowhere
  • My feet really are that big. I make that comment only because 1. I trip over them a lot, 2. only open my mouth to exchange them, 3. buying footwear is a major pain and expense, 4. I am hoping you will think it's indicative of something else.
  • Yes, I am in therapy and on 2 anti-depressants - Sometimes I feel like a toxic waste dump, but, hey, "Better living through chemistry"
  • Have I? yes. All kinds? probably. Really? hey I am not proud of it. Will you? not like that I hope.
  • Brian (sub saxe) please send and email address.
  • Heretical one, thanks for writing.


Michael said...

Why the anonymity? It really is necessary for me right now.

Your anonymity right now is a way of caring for yourself and those you love. I have recently had to remind a niece who has started going to a recovery program that when she is breaking her own anonymity, she is putting the anonymity of other people at risk as well. She may have a right to reveal whatever she wants about herself. She has an obligation not to take away someone else's right to decide what they want about themselves, when, how and to whom.

The day to move a bit away from total anonymity will reveal itself when/if it arrives. Heal, grow, open, move, live and love at your own pace. That is part of the wonder of realizing that it is okay to be who you are.

dtkhoasj -- spilling the heated beans on someone else and burning them in the process

freethnkr said...

Yes it was for you.

Maybe someday your will turn the picture around for the rest of us, maybe not. Doesn't matter as long as you turn it around for yourself.

Brian said...

sorry, left this in wrong place:

walking, not falling said...

shoes? oh god don't get me started.... i admit folks don't appreciate the burden that big feet can be. for once i'd like to find a simple size 13 or 14 sneaker that is just simple and not looking like a mardi gras parade float.