Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Thanks to the many who have given supportive comment to my last posting. I am very grateful.

In so many ways, I know this is not “all my fault,” and yet in some ways it is. I take responsibility for my decision to come out. And I believe and trust that it is the right decision (most of the time).

I purloined this Thomas Merton quote from Grateful Bear:
“We are not persuaders. We are the children of the Unknown. We are the ministers of silence that is needed to cure all victims of absurdity who lie dying of a contrived joy. Let us then recognize ourselves for who we are: dervishes mad with secret therapeutic love which cannot be bought or sold, and which the politician fears more than violent revolution, for violence changes nothing. But love changes everything.”

from Thomas Merton’s “Message to Poets” in Raids On The Unspeakable

Love changes everything. I am holding on to that as it seems everything around me is or will be changing. I desire some of these changes but out of love, not violence. And yet it is the “violence” of all the feelings that I fear so much.

Also, from Timbo’s blog I got this bit of a quote.

It is an idea believing that whether gay or straight our sexuality is not a defining ending point, but rather it is a beginning to a fully integrated and healthy relationship to the planet, each other, and our creator.
It is a beginning. I’m ready; I think.

Cheers, Joe.

The picture is of the abbey ruins on Lindisfarne, UK


dave in cleveland said...

beautifully written ...a beginning, a beginning to truth, true to who we really are..finally making ALL things right, and yes joe, it hurts, hurts like hell, but eases over time, she adjusts, you adjust, and you finally feel complete, whole....

CanEragon said...

Half the battle in coming out is finding ones relationship with and TO God. It took me a long time to get here. I think you are well on the path to finding yourself within "our" community.

That God loves you is a Constant, not a variable, makes all the difference.

Keep walking ...


David said...

In the tradition of Ignatian discernment, trust most in your life any insight or thinking that brings energy, charity, solid refreshment and unaccountable hope.

gratefulbear said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you. I don't know what Southern mountain town you're in, but I'm also in the South (Marietta, GA, near Kennesaw Mtn.) and if you need a friendly shoulder to lean on, drop me a line.

I admire your honesty and your willingness to share your jouney with us through this blog.

gratefulbear @ comcast.net