Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow Court Today

In the Southern Appalachians, we do get some snow, but not as much as we used to (and that's the truth). Yesterday was the exception: nearly six inches fell in the afternoon and early evening. We don't have the street cleaning equipment of some places, and it is decidedly not flat around here. With gravity, physics, and such, roads are dangerous. Today, things are pretty much shut down.

While I don't mind a day off, there were big plans for today: in court.

Today was to be the day my divorce became final. Now, it will be another week. We could have gone to the courthouse (which opened late today) and then waited to see if enough judges showed up to and could work us into the schedule. (Monday, you see, is divorce day). There is also the issue of if I (or the X2B) could even get to the courthouse.

Today, there is snow to enjoy, and some time to myself. That's a good thing.

So no court today.


Ultra Dave said...

I bet Asheville is beautiful in the snow! One day I'm gonna visit Biltmore again! It's a beautiful city from what I remember. Good day to lay around in your thermals!

Lemuel said...

Given the fact that your community is not prepared to handle it, you are probably wise to stay home enjoy the rare beauty of the snow. The court action will occur in due time, I am sure.

publius100 said...

Snow marks a demarcation in the way things normally go. In a way, my friend, it's fitting: a demarcation between your past and your future. Go with God.

Ur-spo said...

snow! how exciting.
court can wait a week - go make a snow man.

manxxman said...

You're back.........of goodie.

It took a snowstorm to get you back up and running on your blog. Don't you realize your part of people daily entertainment. Get to work boy.

A Troll At Sea said...


Don't be too eager for the final decree--it could turn out to be a very painful day, for all the freedom it may bring.

Not that your story is mine.
Just be prepared.

RG said...

Pfssssst - snow. We got 10 inches Sunday night. At least we know how to drive in it here in the Boston area - recklessly! :)