Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pain in the Back

The is always connection between spiritual and physical, body and soul, mental and physical. And the weight of the past week got a bit too heavy, I suppose.

On one of the most important days in my career, when the supreme high poo bah of my organization comes for a visit, and my back goes out. Shining my shoes, I leaned down, and crunch. I roll onto the floor in pain. Excruciating pain.

With out belaboring you with details, i got help and drugs to make it through this very big, very important meeting. I mean, it was like the Queen was coming for a visit. Big stuff.

She was wonderful and gracious, very impressive, did a great presentation for my folks; everyone oohed and aahed, and it went smashingly! Many thanks to Dr. S., an osteopathic physician who really does family practice, but knows enough bone manipulation to crack my back. And, he brought me a little bit of prednisone and muscle relaxers to get me though it all.

Now, it's just time, and ice, and heat, and waiting. But divorce, once-in-a-lifetime gathering with the Pooh Bah, and now it's done. Rest.

Hey, as long as I don't move, it doesn't hurt much.


Ultra Dave said...

That's why I use the back of my pants leg to buff my shoes!

Neil said...

Aah, I wish I'd been there to help you move around and everything. Take care of yourself, my big man with a big heart. You're ALWAYS in my prayers.

Lemuel said...

Sorry to hear about the back. Is this something of which you have a history. I did a similar thing in 1995 picking up three t-shirts out of the dryer. I was flat for a week. It hurt extremely(!) to even try to rollover. I have been bothered by it ever since.

It's always something to keep us humble, you know! *wink*

Best wishes that the pain and the cause will soon pass and be gone forever.

Mark said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear it, I've been in that situation, too.
Thanks for your kind comment on my blog today!
Sad am I for your back pain!
Energy sent your way,

Bob Hamilton said...

Hey--you know, my back went out right before being sworn into the courts as a lawyer. I lay behind the judge's desk in his office trying to get the back straight so I could at least look like I had backbone when administered the oath. I feel your pain---my very good friend--in both the back, and your personal life. Call sometime. Bob Hamilton.

Ur-spo said...

in Eastern medicine, lower back pain is connected to the 2nd chakra which is all about power struggles and money issues. So ... while you are doing the usual proper things, lighten up on money woes.
it's worth a try.

RG said...

Too bad you too far away for me to put you on my massage table and give you an energy balance and lower back pain relief massage.

I hope you feel better soon.

Tobey said...

Hope you are feeling better.

Topper said...

That is why I get a chinese massage once a month. I had to cut back on it but its only $20 for 20 minutes and it works!

Jim said...

Enjoy the pain meds too! Hope you get feeling better soon!

Steve F. said...

Back or feet - when they hurt, everything seems to just not go very well. Having been there, done that, and got the crappy t-shirt, I can empathize. Ouch!

I do have to ask, though - whereEVER do you find the great images? That's just perfect! Inquiring minds really want to know - my images are usually so DAMN boring!

Steven said...

I hope you are feeling better!

OMG! Word verification: rested

I hope you're feeling rested, too!