Friday, July 30, 2010

Keep me company

I'm excited about have a bit of company this weekend. (Well, for 24 hours or so).  Dr. Benton Quest and husband are dropping in for an overnight.  I love to have company and meet fellow bloggers.

My mood/malaise/merde is better.  Still many things to sit with, work through, embrace, be transformed by, and all that stuff.  Life can get so serious sometimes!  But never too we hope.

Work is a place where I have not been able to focus much.  Ugh. In order to provide some direction and relief in that quarter, I am taking vacation the next two weeks.  Don't know that I'll go anywhere (as that costs money), and I want to spend time with youngest child before the return of college days for her (and tuition days for me).  Maybe some day trips or overnights, here and there.

So life goes on.  The beat goes on.  cha cha cha.

Perhaps I'll have something more interesting to write another day.


behrmark said...

It's always good to see one of your posts. You may not think it's not interesting but knowing that you're hanging in there is enough.
Behr Hugs for a wonderful vacation - no matter what (who?) you do!

jim said...

Hope your visit goes well.

T and I are thinking about a roadtrip to your area, over Labor day. Maybe we could meet up for dinner.


Birdie said...

It's been said that facing conflict together bonds people together. Take your daughter whitewater rafting on the Nantahala. I promise you, you both will talk about it for years. (My son and I do.)

Lemuel said...

Give a hug to Benton and Nick for me.
Enjoy the vacation. I could think of some ways/places you could spend it, but I understand why that cannot happen. :)

Eric said...

Hope things get better for you. Enjoy your vacation, even if it just a "staycation".