Friday, July 09, 2010

Good books make it better

The cold is better.  Still drainage, sniffles, etc., but I have more energy.  But being sick always "brigns me down."

And, with the work stuff, I can sometimes plummet over the edge of the chasm into a real pity party.  Some time, distance, and a walk by the river always help, and they have.  Up and down.

Time to myself with a good book always helps, too.  I think I've mentioned finishing up A Clearing in the Distance about F. L. Olmsted.  Also finished Grand Avenues, about Pierre Charles L'Enfant.  It's that thing with planning / design / engineering stuff that I just love.  I'm weird, but fun.

With some Barnes & Noble gift cards to be used, youngest child and I went on a spree.  A now-in-paperback Steve Berry novel was one of my purchase, along with something new in the biography/memoir section:  The Bucolic Plague.  OK. Two gay men from Manhattan start a goat farm in upstate New York.  Sounds interesting?  So far it's funny and charming.  They've started a business, and with all the connections they have, it's turned into a marketing mania.  I've checked out their website, watched some of the videos, and would love to see the "reality" TV show (The Fabulous Beekman Boys).  I've seen enough to know I'm in love with Farmer John.  Woof.  Note to Sean and Jeffrey:  They're not far from you all.

Even though I realize it's a big marketing thing (hey, they've got to make a living, too), I've enjoyed reading about a gay couple making a life.  There are so many of us out there, it's good to see it in the media in a positive way.  Yes, that they are gay is "part of the plot" because it's unexpected.  But they are there, working, making it.  Out there.  Out there.

I hope to be out more and more.  Now I just have to find the partner.  And be found.


Java said...

I love a good book, but have spent more time online than reading this summer. More's the pity. I'm lazy, though, and the interwebz are easier.

Birdie said...

A former Presbyterian pastor has returned with his husband to my town. He's going to be my son's tutor. He is here to set down roots again and start a family. Yes, they're out there and it's looking good.

Lemuel said...

I had heard/seen promos for The Fabulous Beekman Boys, but missed the essence of what it was about and was unaware of the book. I'll have to seek them out (on TV).

I am happy to hear that the cold is better, too.

Anonymous said...

Joe just found your blog and I love it. nothing like the southern appalachians is there.

Cubby said...

We were kind of in your neighborhood this week, driving thru Knoxville. The car almost went the wrong way, trying to get to you. We had to grab the steering wheel firmly and tell it no, we can't go see Joe, we have to go home.
We're missing you :-)

Ur-spo said...

Sometimes I think our minds make our bodies sick so we will sit still long enough to read books.

Ice John's World said...

Hope that you completely recover from the cold soon! And have some cakes or cookies, they make you forget about the cold! :)

Curt said...