Monday, April 12, 2010


So, Amazon sent the book, but it was to have no charge for the shipping.  SO, they charged me full price plus shipping.  Then they charged again, full price no shipping.  They charged me twice.  For the third book.  Let alone the other two.

The book (apparently) did arrive at the school on Saturday, as promised.  The package pick-up facility is opened from 8 a till 2 p on Saturdays.  Except for this past Saturday, when they did not bother to open.  No explanation.

We will see today if it indeed did arrive.

I am going to go ballistic.


Ultra Dave said...

Bless your heart! So much trouble for a book!

Lemuel said...

You are "going to go" ballistic? Oh, Joe! You are a much better man than I am! By now I would have been *way* beyond ballistic.

john said...

Stay calm!!

BadgerBear said...

How funny :-) Amazon sent *me* a book via UPS that REQUIRES A SIGNATURE! Damnit, and I'm at work until about 7:00 every evening!