Thursday, April 08, 2010

Amazon Hell

Well, it's not so uplifting, but it ain't the usually stuff.

Today was spent in Hell, with  Oh, and FedEx, too. Plus, i talked with the Post office, but they couldn't help.

College child # 2 needs book - desperately - for a course.  Not available in stores.  So, Amazon.  Ordered a used copy from one of their suppliers (an independent, used book dealer.  ships from their shop).

But HOW does it ship?  Postal service address for college child is a college PO Box.  FedEx does not deliver to PO Boxes.  But I didn't know it was going FedEx.  So, I gave the PO Box.

Book does not arrive.

Easter Day.  No Book.  Order a second used one.  From  Ask for expedited shipping.  That will be UPS or FedEx, right?  So, give the college package address (completely different, different format, etc).

They shipped it Postal service.  But the PO doesn't deliver to that address.

Today:  call, email, call, email.

 two hours on the phone.

After two calls to FedEx, I finally discovered that I made a strategic, major, inordinately large blunder.  i put the wrong zip code.


I emailed my apologies to the book supplier for whom i gave the wrong zip code (and whom had received two other "less-than-pleasant" previous emails from me) asking their forgiveness and offering to pay any additional charges to get this book out of a post office back room in the wrong town with the wrong zip code.

If the third order (from, directly, not one of their used-book suppliers) does not arrive by Saturday before 2 pm, I will be in danger of upsetting the Dept. of Homeland Security.


behrmark said...

Despite what sounds like a bad day you seem to have maintained a sense of humor. Does the college not have a bookstore that stocks required textbooks for classes offered at the college? Back in the day that's how it worked for me. [shrugs] Fingers crossed for a quick resolution. Behr Hugs!

Neil said...

Careful with being less-than-pleasant...

Lemuel said...

My shipping hell has always been with the USPS, not with FedEx or UPS, but then again I shipped to non-PO addresses. I've had boxes opened and the contents stolen. I've had packages (with tracking paid for) delivered a year(!) later. I hope they work for you (and your daughter). We all know that "hell hath no fury ..." ;)

Cubby said...

Child #2 needs a book this late in the semester? Aren't exams coming up in a just a few weeks? Or maybe that's why the emergency! Been there, done that.

Sorry for your shipping problems. I learned the hard way about shipping to P.O. boxes too. Somehow I manage to learn everything the hard way.

BadgerBear said...

Bought a digital camera (great deal!) from one of their Amazon Marketplace sellers.

Turned out it was a complete scam. Try, just *try* getting your money back from Amazon in this instance! I gave up after the nth attempt.

BentonQuest said...

I hate it when I get a good head of steam going and then find out I was the one in the wrong. YOWW!!

Good luck!

john said...

I hope the book gets to your daughter.

Ultra Dave said...

Yep that's gotta suck!

Ur-spo said...

homeland security is run by my ex governor - she is like the rocks at stonehenge, nothing knocks her over.

Bigg said...

Ah, the joys of parenthood. Sounds like you're hanging right in there though - good for you.

FDeF said...

Life is getting way to complicated. All our "modern conveniences" and technologies like Amazon, the Internet, Cell Phones, satellite TV, seem to have a way of either draining one's energy and pocketbook or triggering ugly emotions. I just spent 2 hours between dropped calls, disconnects and speaking to 7 different representatives about Discover Card's confusing and (in my opinion) deceptive Bonus Point schemes. I ended up closing my account after 23 years as a customer. Like they could care. Enjoy the spring flowers.