Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Merry New Year

Some friends invited me over for New Year's celebrations tonight. A welcome invitation. I am looking forward to a great year ahead.
  • I still have a job I like. but what will happen on that front?
  • Oldest will be graduated from high school;
  • and start college in the fall (two in college! Yikes).
  • Obama will be a great president (no place to go but up, eh?).
  • My divorce should be final in January.
  • I forget resolutions, but I'll make a few, anyway.
  • Later. I'll make them later

I served up some hospitality for a friend of a friend. Turned out I made a new friend, too. Indeed. Ever headed down this way, know that I have a spare bedroom and love to be hospitable. Of course, I have a big bed, too. But, well, anyway.

I will be glad to put 2008 behind me. How about you?

Best wishes, friends. Blessings for shalom for us all. Cheers!


BentonQuest said...

Happy New Year!

Lemuel said...

a big bed, huh? *smile*

Have a happy and blessed new year!

Anonymous said...

Quite an invitation with your hospitality. Here's to a new year filled with good health and happiness!

Ur-spo said...

May 2009 be splendid for you !

manxxman said...

Best wishes for the New Year.

Be careful of the bed offer you have a lot of readers.......just how big is that bed and can we all fit in it.

As for resolutions, they are a bit like other words, "made to be broken".

Much love