Sunday, December 07, 2008

[I'm a] Ho Ho Ho

I've been down with the crud that's going around. Not quite the flu (I've had my shot) but bad, nonetheless. I'm so glad they keep paying me.

As we approach this wondrous season, I'm too broke to even think about buying stuff to make presents. Tonight I've been opening up the bills and putting them in a pile. If I could think of something to sell to raise money, I'd do it. But it's just not going to stretch that far. I'll have to be busy working out payment plans.

I did get a new credit card from Target! Oh, joys! Now I can charge all my Christmas stuff (at about 28% interest)! This is really depressing!

Nonetheless, I am working hard to stay about the depression monster, trying to suck me down (and NOT in a good way) into the pit. Somehow, some way, I'll make it through.

Sometime this week, the folk who own the place where I live will be by with a realtor. That means I have to have the place all spiffy and neat. So they can sell it out from under me! I really don't think it's going to sell very fast, and not at the price they'd like. And I am sad about that. When they bought it, they had to re-invest some cash to stave off capital gains. But they bought residential mainly to give me a place to live. That was extremely kind.

Now, of course, the market has tanked, they'll never get their investment back, and it's all my fault. Well, I did not make the market tank. As with much else, this is all out of my control. I don't know much to do but let go of it.

I had plans to spend time with my youngest daughter this afternoon and evening, but she stood me up! I was really pissed about that. I'd planned on it, looked forward to it. Adolescents!

Well, enough. I'm not really a Ho Ho Ho, but if I thought I could make some money . . . . . For a good time, just call or email . . . .

Now, that IS funny!


Anonymous said...

So how much for an hour? ...but then I would have to charge (also at 28% interest) for your services. lol

Hope you start to feel better.

Lemuel said...

Hey, I'm always up for a good time with the likes of you! *grin*

What was that number again?

Seriously, I hope the financial pressures work themselves out. There is little comfort in the numbers that are in the same situstion. My prayers and best wishes!

manxxman said...

Ok, if you want to give gifts, give the gift of your time. Invite the giftee over for a dinner and an evening of scrabble. Wash their car for them. Winterize their garden. All things you can do that don't cost a lot of money and will be greatly appreciated.

I love your spring bear can you make him cum early this coming year.

Michael said...

One year when money was tight -- hey, I was in a monastery! -- I printed up coupons for my best friend to watch his favorite TV show with him (one I hated) and things of that sort. Naturally, that blew up in my face. He was offended that I would think it was a special gift to do something for him that I should just do, period. So then I gave him my icon of St. Michael to watch over him in my absence -- at the time I was going to be sent to Kenya -- and he got angry about that because it just underlined the fact that I was abandoning him. Issues, much?

Anyway, if you have a microwave, you can make a delicious batch of fudge very simply for the price of a bag of chocolate chips and a can of sweetened condensed milk. Who doesn't like candy and you made it yourself!

Anonymous said...

A daughter standing her own father up? Who does she think she is? ;-)

I hope that you are feeling better soon, "Joe." Just let me know which e-mail address you want me to contact you at. ;-)

BentonQuest said...

Hey, Hope you are feeling better. Remember, it IS the thought behind the gift.

And about the Hoing, remember to tithe!

Birdie said...

Money's tight here, so many of my friends and family are getting gift bags filled with Ur-spo's hot chocolate recipe. It is gift-worthy, believe me. You can find it on my recent blog post or on his side column ("Recipes.")

You know that teens have no idea the impact of their rudeness. I'm living it, too. She still loves you. Her friends take the front seat for now.

Ur-spo said...

hohoho yourself!

Topper said...

The fudge sounds good! hmmm Melted fudge on something to lick sounds like fun too! The ho thing works only as long as its not a cop who contacts you! I call that entrapment.

Greg said...

Hey, nice daffodil bear!

Hope you are feeling better...

; )