Tuesday, December 11, 2007

And it was good

I'm still reflecting on my New Warrior Training Adventure weekend.

Driving in the car with my 16 year old, last week, I received a call from one of my new brothers who'd experienced the week end with me. Then, I had to return a call to another brother.

I told my daughter whom I was calling, and she said, "Gee, Daddy, it's so weird, you have all these friends. [pause] Not that I'm complaining or anything, it's just so new."

It is a new thing for me to have more than acquaintances, and those usually connected with work. Last night, another brother, from 100 miles away, called to see how I was doing. He's half of a gay couple (together 14 years, and, IMHO, a pair of handsome bears, too). He and his partner were part of the weekend. What an experience to have together.

One of them had been in a situation quite similar to mine. We shared our similar pains and trials. They have offered their hospitality to me, as well.

Friends are something I've not had much of. I am so grateful for this shared experience that has forged some strong relationships.


john said...

It is such a great feeling to find people who truly understand you. As you journey through life, you'll find that you have more friends than you realize.

Michael said...

And so the new connections begin to build. The road ahead can look so lonely, but once you start out on it, you find companions. (What do you think that whole Wizard of Oz thing is about for gay men?)

I remember after I started having new friends, the guys in the monastery were surprised. Not that I had friends, but that my new friends were such a source of energy for me. Had nothing to do with acting out sexually (I was faithful to my vows, and I think everyone knew that), but it had a lot to do with the freedom of being who I am and enjoying being with others who are like me.

Of course, at one point I did have to remind everyone that just because someone was a new friend did not mean he was gay. Because the world is so much bigger than that, once you step out into it.

Paul said...

Friends ... what is it with men that we just don't have many friends (or is it just me)?

And I'm just looking for a tennis buddy. OK, it would be nice if he was gay, but I'm not going to ask for too much.

Lemuel said...

I've been very interested in reading your evaluation of your weekend, but with this post I was filled with a sense of joy for you, knowing that you have made some good connections that apparently will do you in good stead for your future. Blessings be yours and to your new friends always!

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Hey Joe, you go to bro! That is great, I am so glad you are finally enjoying things and having people behind you. As you know I am trying to find friends as well, good luck.


daveincleveland said...

hey joe dear friend....don't forget this ol' boy here in cleveland......you have friends all around you....just keep building and the relationships with form

Justin said...

What a wonderful twist in life. I have come to discover that you never truly understand unconditional love until it wraps itself around you when you're sure it does not exist. Keep walkin the walk, bud.

Lemuel said...

Friday, 14. Dec.: I just tagged you for a meme. Please see my blog entry for today.

Sweating Through fog said...

I was just stopping by, and wanted to offer you congrats on your training, and good luck in the future. I remember my training from many years ago and am thankful for the good things it brought into my life.