Friday, March 30, 2007

Working it In & Out

Today is our last full day at our work week on the Gulf Coast. It has been a good week. The work is sometimes frustrating -- you don't get to see a job all the way through. One sows, another reaps, one begins, and others will finish. But that's the nature of the work.

All the various and sundry folk we've met has provided a beautiful glimpse of the Body at work, an example of what it takes to get the job done. As in life, all the many parts, colors, textures, and threads are needed to come together for the whole.

But, I could use a really good bear hug right now, from a bear. Though I see the importance of the great diversity of folk in the world, right now, I've got a yearning to be with some more members of the Family. As I try to sort out what it is to be me (a gay man, a Christian, etc.) I am beginning to feel the burn of being seen as strange/different/unacceptable. More later.

Shalom & Cheers, Joe.


A Troll At Sea said...


here's wishing you a nearby bear before you become toast.

From one fur-admirer to another.


Jeremiah said...

You got out there and did some really important work. The "out there" is the key phrase. In order to meet, we must leave the nest and see the land.

You should be proud of the work of your hands. Pray that someone receives the gift you participated in creating.

Some day your "bear" will appear, and probably when you least expect it. Spring has begun, and you know the bears are coming out of hibernation. So Let Us Pray!!!

tee hee

Henry Kristofferson said...

I complete understand where you are coming from. Even though I'm a non-practicing gay panda bear Roman Catholic - who play for a UUC church ... there aren't many, if any, gay bears that I know of who play the piano ... I'm just a rare breed. [sighs]

... I commend you for all the work that you do, it's hard to be faithful in a very traumatized and dramatic world that we live in.

... I just do my part for the religious community by giving them my talents: my voice and my piano skills.

... peace be with you.


Ur-spo said...

a virtual bear hug to you!

Michael said...

Just want to toss in the thought that the One for you may not even be a bear... I am not Tom's "type" nor he mine. So keep looking for bears, but don't miss the other possibilities: cats and dragons and bears, oh my!