Sunday, March 25, 2007

On the Road for Relief - hurricane relief, that is.

This week, I am with a group from my parish at a work camp in Mississippi. Somewhere near Long Beach, we arrived tonight and will be working all week long. I'll try to stay in touch and posts as I can.

This is an uptown work camp. Housed in a gym, with cots, etc., they just got wireless access. Glad I brought my laptop!

Many thanks to all who've read and made comments. I think it will be good to be away from home. Some distance between my wife and me is not a bad thing for both of us, right now.

It's hot. I'm tired. I'm sooooo....... in the closet this week with a group from Church. Alas.

Cheers to all.


Lemuel said...

good luck and God bless!

A lot of the hurricane "news" is out of the radar, but the needs go on.

Perhaps the labor away will provide some tradition reflection as you work.

Jeremiah said...

May God Bless the work of our hands.


Ur-spo said...

next trip should be to San Francisco.