Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Camp Coast Care

This week, I'm at Camp Coast Care in Long Beach, Mississippi, with a small work team from church. Since this camp is an Episcopal - Lutheran cooperative venture, we're celebrating the end of the work day with beer and laughter. It's a great atmosphere, lots of friendly folk, and not-too-rugged conditions.

This week there are volunteers from Colorado, Illinois, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Vermont, and South Carolina. All sorts and conditions of folk.

Yesterday I learned about hanging drywall. One of the volunteers (who'd had years of experience with Habitat for Humanity) was an excellent teacher. I felt a real sense of accomplishment in the learning and the doing. Today was painting (there were enough volunteers at the drywall house) - a bit less fulfilling for me.

Tomorrow, it may be going back to the painting house to finish what was started, or off somewhere else. Where the need is, I'm willing to go. I wish I had some skill they were really dying for, but so far I'll have to settled for lending a hand wherever. And, I suppose I'm cool with that.

More later. Cheers, Joe.


Lemuel said...

I think you have EXACTLY the skill that they are dying for: care and compassion.

bear said...

hehe...Lemuel says it perfectly!
I'm certain they appreciate you more than you think. (It might not be obvious now since they are under stress etc.)

BentonQuest said...

For the people who are in need, any help is exactly the help they are daying for!

Ross said...

I just got back from going with my college to New Orleans. Our student really wanted to go to Biloxi (they went there last year). It was a similar experience.