Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas; Break

In the middle of the Twelve Days, I wish blessings and peace to all. I'm on a bit of a break right now, enjoying some "down time." Exchanging of presents has come and past, visits with some family, and such. I always want to extend things through the Twelve Days of Christmas, but it is hard to sustain the energy after all the rush.

But some down time is not unwelcome. So, for fun, here is a picture of the family shadows on some of the great stones at Avebury from the summer of 2004.

Grace, Peace, & Cheers to one and all. Joe.


Carlos said...

Awesome! I love the British Isles because they are so full of history as well as mystery. I can't wait to go back to Ireland where I worked on an archaeological dig.

Fr. B said...

Welcome to the Ring my friend. May the coming new year bring you much peace and great joy. There is much unfolding in you these days. May they reflect the unfolding of God's love within you day by day.