Thursday, December 01, 2005

New and Improved

Welcome to my new and improved blogspot.

Advent - the season before Christmas - is about waiting. But it's not waiting for Santa, or waiting for a baby in a manger. It's about waiting and watching for Christ to come again in Glory; the Second Coming; the End of Days; the Apocalypse.

Images rush in: death, destruction, war, famine. pestilence. etc. etc. So, what's new? Famine, war, death we got in spades. Look at Pakistan, or New Orleans, or Biloxi, and you see destruction. Don't forget Darfur. And on international AIDS Day, we can focus on plagues and pestilence, I guess.

But a deeper meaning of the Apocalypse is God's reign of love and justice, the Great Commonwealth of peace. The images of streets paved with gold weren't being descriptive, but suggestive. The Book of Revelation was trying to evoke the most beautiful, wonderful place possible. The New Jerusalem, the City of God.

This may be too far out for some, and I have no idea how all of this will come about, nor do I know when. I'll leave that to the fundmentalist prognosticators (bless their hearts). BUT, it gives hope. YES! there shall be a day, there shall be a time. We will all know justice. We will all be welcomed to the heavenly banquet.

All the closets, all the hiding, all the shame passing away. . .

Heaven, Nirvanna, whatever one wants to call it, in whatever way one wants to conceive it - in whatever form or way one understands "God." I'll not quibble over that. Just a great commonwealth of love, justice, and peace. O Come, O Come.


UltimateWriter said...

It's true that your heaven and hell is right here, what you make of your life.

But if I can amuse myself for just a second, there must be a heaven somewhere near Hawaii.

geek_boi said...

good thoughts, Joe. I like the new look!