Thursday, May 06, 2010

Seize the Derby

Well, the Derby party was very nice.  Indeed.  Lovely.  I did not wear a harness, nor was it hosted by any of my "customers" (to respond to Dr. Benton Quest's furry question).
But it did get interesting.

I'd been asked to pick up one of the party goers, as he did not drive (something about a seizure disorder, or something), and it was on my way.  No prob.  And he was (is) not bad on the eyes, either.

After arrival, it was time for the requisite mint juleps.  I brought fresh mint from the garden of the home of C & S along with the hors d'oeuvres (with which C helped me greatly. Merci!)

Said guest (whom I transported) was very nice, but drank a wee bit too much.  Not that much, mind you, but it didn't take much (combined with pain medication) to counter-act his seizure medication.  You know what happened . . . . 

Band Bump. "What was that?.   Raising children contributes to one being a quick responder.  Being raised by a critical care nurse also prepares one for many things.  So, off I go.  Curled up on the floor, blood spewing out. A small seizure, but a seizure, nonetheless.  And a room full of queens.

"Please get me a cold, clean wash cloth.  Now. And a large towel."  Stretch him out carefully.  Watch the neck. Where's the blood coming from?  "OMG! should we call 911!?"   "That'd be a great idea.  But tell them not to use sirens. Could you check his wallet and see if he has a medications list." 

Meanwhile, the first responders arrive, secure his neck, check vitals, etc.  [Firefighters are so hot. And this time was no exception.]  They call the ambulance for transport to the ER.  "I'll follow."  "Oh my, do you know how to get to the hospital."  Oh, yes.  I'm very familiar.  I visit there often.  (Part of my rather strange employment.  I even have a little badge that gets me in to things.)

It rather shortened the party atmosphere.  But while the EMTs were working with him, I got the chance to finish my dessert.

Actually, it had some grace in the situation.  He needed some medications adjusted - big time.  Having suffered a stroke of some sort many years earlier, our friend has a mild seizure disorder and some other issues.  I just didn't have in mind to find out all about them quite that way.

He's better, home from the hospital.  And my horse lost.


behrmark said...

A man who keeps his cool and is authoritative in an emergency situation is a huge turn on. Your friend should be very thankful you were there. Oh and probably he shouldn't mix alcohol and his meds. Hopefully a lesson learned.

You're the Derby hero.

Anonymous said...

Wow its a good thing you were there too! Well of course though you DID bring him there....but after thinking this out he would of been there by some other willing person taking him there so yes. it was good for him that you were there! See I can so think things

Cubby said...

Didn't miss dessert. My kind of man!!

RG said...

I'm sorry, but I have to giggle - I can just picture the party attendees standing around watching the EMT's do there thing, eating dessert. Definitely and gay party.

I hope your friend recovers well.

Lemuel said...

I have to agree with all the commenters before me. First, I think that it was very fortunate that you were there. Despite the occupation of your parents or your own history of parenting, the kudos are yours, my friend, for staying calm and knowing what to do! This incident was serious enough for the other guest, but you helped keep it under control to say the least.
But I must admit that there is humor in all this for I certainly can see the reaction of all the queens at the party and your reward was all that eye candy. Hot swarthy EMT's and firemen? Oh, my! It's enough to give a girl the vapors! :-D

BentonQuest said...

Upon seeing the firemen,I am sure there were a few thoughts of, " can I get 'mouth to mouth?'"

manxxman said...

So was your horse "Lookin at "Un"lucky".....he got a bad "bang" in the Derby.....twice.

But then gay men don't mind the odd "bang" every once in they.

Birdie said...

Wow. Well, that puts perspective on the losing horse, doesn't it. Your calm response was the best thing about this party. I know everyone, including your friend, was glad you were there.

I'm guessing your "take charge" moment made more than one heart go pitty-pat.