Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Still Doing

Thanks to all for supportive comments and emails.  Much appreciated.  I am not irretrievably undone; I am still doing.  Moving.  Working.  Though it goes slowly.

I've come out to my staff, and now to a few, well-placed, trusted "customers."  So far, so good.  Next week is a meeting with the "district executive" to talk about what next.

Focusing on work in the midst of this season is tough enough.  With all this going on.  Ugh.  And now, money is running out.  Fast.  And I have yet to shop for anything.  I have no time or skill to make stuff.  So the panic is beginning to set in.

There are these old messages (oh no, the Voices! aaaaaaah!) that are hard to shut down.  Old memories of childhood and presents that weren't "good enough."  Wanting everything to be perfect, but a near-total inability to plan ahead or remember what needs doing when.

I want a spouse, but I probably need a handler.  Ugh.

In spite of everything, there has been some holiday fun.  Yes.  At my place of business, we tried a new thing this year that has been a huge success and great fun!  December 6th is St. Nicholas Day.  As the culminating event of my organizations sesquicentennial, we decided to have a big dinner.  The menu was simple and inexpensive, with volunteers doing the food.  Folk signed up to decorate tables for the celebration.

St. Nicholas himself showed up for the feast.  We told some stories about the legends of St. Nicholas, the patron saint of anonymous gifts. My, oh my, how the legend has changed.  (So sad that great legends were turned into shaming lessons to get kids to "behave.")

Anyway, it was a great feast!  Needless to say, my table was fabulous!


Lemuel said...

uh-oh. with such a *fabulous* table I fear now *everyone* knows! *big grin*

Seriously, but quaintly, may the Bishop of Myra visit you this season and bless your life with anonymous gifts, among them, peace and joy within, a renewed sense of purpose and worth, and an abundance of the things of this life to not only meet your needs but to spill over in gracious giving to others.

Neil said...

I wish I could be helpful with money.

Birdie said...

For everyone but your kids, give them Ur-spo's great hot cocoa mix. I did this the year we had no money, and everyone loved it. Buy the empty coffee bags from the grocery store (ours just guessed at a price: "How's ten cents?") and add a coffee scoop tied with a pretty ribbon.

Make a date with your children to have them for dinner. And promise them more like it.

I'm thrilled at your progress and grateful that you are sharing this with us. Always praying for you, my friend.

RG said...

See? Glimmers of light at the end of that LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG tunnel.

Fabulous table btw. And I have some ideas on how to "handle" you. :)

manxxman said...

Don't you let RG be handling you first.....I have softer hands....but then we all three could get together and compare "notes"....just to see.

It was a fabulous table.....but then again so are you.

Anonymous said...

WOW! this table is fantastic! ...and blue is my favorite color how DID you know!?

Glad to see you are still movinh along.

Ur-spo said...

as one brother once said (and he wasn't being men)

"It takes the fruit in the family to make things fabulous around here"

Topper said...

Glad to hear your moving along...I love Christmas! what fun! Wish I could have been there for that dinner, yum all that food, the conversations, the program. Love your table. You are in my prayers as you live who you are!

Bigg said...

I'm hoping all the best for you, of course. Keep us posted.