Sunday, June 22, 2008

A great outing!

Oh. My. God.

Tonight I came out to my girls. I cannot believe how well it went. They knewm but didn't. They wondered, but never expressed it. Somehow, they had figured it out. They were wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

Oh my God. I never could have imagined how well it could go.

Thank you all for sending prayers, good vibes, thoughts, and great juju in my direction.

Now the journey takes a new turn. But not nearly so frightening and lonely as I feared.


Lemuel said...

That is SUPER news! Move forward now into your future!

Donald said...

Sometimes way just opens, eh?

So happy for you. Thanks be to God!

BentonQuest said...

I am so happy for you!! That is great!! See, God was with you!

Jeremiah Andrews said...

And they all said "AMEN!!!"


Derek said...

This is SO great! I wasn't able to post yet but I read yours and was thinking and praying for this to go good!

Brent said...

I'm so happy for you. I had a feeling it would be ok. Our children just want to know they are loved and want us to be happy. Kids are so much more intuitive than we give them credit sometimes. And now the journey continues.

Michael said...


Good for your girls, good for you, good for your wife. The two of you obviously have done some important things right as parents.

Of course, you know that this doesn't mean the road ahead has no bumps. But what a joy to have passed this milestone and to stretch out to what lies ahead.

Word verfication: xakbvn -- suddenly discovering that the truth sets us (and others) free

Maddog said...

Congrats on the chat going so well. I know it can be kind of scary but I think living in the closet is worse. I hope all your future conversations go so well.

Paul said...

Now, go have a good week!

A Troll At Sea said...


I am so happy for you. I will add a cautionary note:

I had been so sure that my second son would never speak to me again, that after I faltered my way through my prepared words, and he got up, came around the table and hugged me, I thought my heart would break. The whole scene was imbued with the rosy glow of my intense relief that every one was still talking to me.

Two years later, it has become clear that my daughter has harbored a great deal of anger with me about the break-up of our home, but felt she had no right to express it because she felt I had only done what I needed to do for myself. I have told her that I not only understand her anger, but expected it [then--it came as a bit of a bombshell after two years]. She could not accuse me of anything of which I have not already accused myself.

This is not your story, of course; it is mine. I just want to warn you that things can shift over time. I join you in your gratitude for things going as well as they did.

The truth does in fact set you free. Free is not EASY, but who said life was going to be easy?

Bless you and yours, toasted one.


bear said...

Excellent! How terrible it feels to keep something secret and telling the one's you love, to risk the feeling of being rejected is like driving a sword into your own chest. So full of anxiety and fear it seems impossible to get the words out...then after it's over, it doesn't seem like such a big deal to them, yet it was so terrifying to you! And you did it! Congrats! I'm not sure if you did, but maybe you can explain the exact approach you took? Like, was this a planned meeting, where you told your daughters you wanted to get together so you could tell them something important? It's hard to create the right mood I think...

daveincleveland said...

how awesome is that...i am so happy for you my friend...the journey just got a little easier for you....hugs from cleveland

David said...

Wow! I'm so happy for you and your kids. You all remain in my thoughts and prayers. Children are amazing sometimes!


afod said...

Congratulations to you Joe! Somehow I knew that when it was revealed that the children were actually in their teenage years, that they might already have an inkling as to Dad's status. So glad that things turned out well for you! (((((Joe)))))

Birdie said...

How wonderful for you, Joe. You must be feeling a great sense of peace. My prayers continue for you, for good and constant communication as you all move forward on this journey together. God bless all of you.

Ur-spo said...

I swear I wrote a comment but I don't see it now.
I am not surprised to hear it went OK; further comings-out will be so much easier now.
You are over the hump; good for you!

Brian said...

Well done, Joe! My kids found out by accident a few weeks ago and they seem to be okay with it too, I'm so pleased for you.

sexy said...