Friday, May 25, 2007

Promised Land - Land of Promise

Thanks to those who commented on my last post. Many helpful and supportive things were said, and I am very grateful. This weird electronic world is something that has kept me going. I don't feel so alone. Posts and emails and even calls are wonderful but can't fully substitute for actual person to person, face to face contact. A good, long bear hug would be sooooo nice. Just some cuddling. One of these days, soon.

Aside from too dry, the weather here is absolutely wonderful. Not too hot, not too humid. I got out for a walk this week, which was sorely needed. Getting out in the woods and playing in a creek are things that soothe my soul.

In our part of the Appalachian mountain chain, one of the taller peaks is Mt. Pisgah, at almost 6,000 ft. I know that's not tall by Western standards, but for us it certainly stands out. The name comes from the Biblical mountain from which Moses saw the promised land. Many other mountains and hills bear the name, along with many congregations. It is a name that signifies moving into a place of promise. Moses, however, did not cross over into the Promised Land. That was left for Joshua.

Since I can see Mt. Pisgah, I reckon that I must be in the Promised Land. Though it the journey is difficult at times, I look to the Promise. As you've heard it said, God did not promise to make it a painless journey; God's promise is that we will never have to be alone. God is with us.

With that in mind (and heart), I am looking forward to feeling more and more in the land of Promise, the life of Promise. Thomas Merton said something like this: "To be born again does not mean becoming some one else; it means becoming yourself."

My search for self is a becoming. Many of you have graciously helped me remember that. Thanks.

(That really is a picture of our Mt. Pisgah. My 50th birthday present was a ballon ride! So, I even snapped this picture my self.)


Ur-spo said...

thank you for letting us be part of your journey towards the Self

johnmichael said...

I agree. I'm beginning to long for, or rather realize that a long hug and some cuddling would be nice. It's what I've waited for a long time--over 30 years of waiting.

Lemuel said...

As you journey you are not alone. Not only does God go with you, but many of us journey with you as well. Were that I could be there to give you that reassuring hug from all of us.

Tapak said...

it looks like you have come a long way. and your story give lot of hope to others like you. I added you to my blogroll.


Steve said...

I'm with JohnMichael. Cuddling on the sofa and watching the last season of QAF together would be a sensuous delight.

At one very lonely, frustrated point in Chicago, a fellow was telling me how frustrated he was that he and his boyfriend hadn't had sex - in three days. Sad to say, I let him have it with both barrels.

"Three days? That's it?? Try twelve [freakin'] years!! There are days when I think it would be easier if I had AIDS, for God's sake - at least the doctors and nurses would have to touch me, occasionally! And then I'd die, and the loneliness would be OVER!"

I'm not usually that depressive or snarky, but it was one of those days, I guess. I later apologized to him, but I don't think he's going to talk to me about the pains of abstinence anytime soon...

You will find your way, brother - and I pray I will, as well. Because we are older, and not muscle-men, it will not be easy, or quick. But I trust that we will both find blessings, somewhere down the road.

Check out this great story of Zusia (also Zushya). It applies to me; I'm betting it also applies to you, brother.