Monday, July 25, 2011

More Better

Another doctor visit and two antibiotics have me feeling better.  Support and encouragement from friends have me being better, too.  Thanks.  Diverticulitis ain't no fun, I've come to discover.  I think I've been battling with this for quite some time, actually.  Only recently did it become so acute as to need some remedy.

Any illness can call us to re-evaluate some things.  And, of course (if you've been reading this blog) I'm always in the throes of something.  Up and down, and back and forth.

This week, I'm aiming to settle down a bit.  Calm the tummy, calm the spirit, be in touch with Spirit.  That will be the most calming, healing thing of all.  Why do I run so?  It is so simply and difficult - at the same time.

Things go well.  i am grateful.


Ur-spo said...

I am grateful too.

Cubby said...

Diverticulitis -- Yikes. Stay away from popcorn and tortilla chips.

I'm glad you're on the mend. Sending warm hugs your way. xoxo

Topper said...

Im glad you now know what it is! That is a relief and a way to keep it under control. No peanuts! or nuts of any kind I think. Be calm in Christ!

Donald said...

Getting a name for anything troubling is a help.

Derek said...

glad your doing better! Hate me some Diverticulitis. But I love saying it in a really whiney voice like on Saturday Night Live skit. Doug and Wendy Whiner