Thursday, July 21, 2011

Belly ache

marching through my tummy
Ugh.  I've had a belly ache for at least a week.  Gets better, then worse.  I've been home most of the week.  Been to the doctor, had a CT scan - nothing.  I've spent a lot of money, though. A lot.

Money is one of the areas where I have the greatest fear.  I think I've written about all that before.  It seems any time I get a little ahead, I then move two steps back.

And I have fears of being ill.  Something wrong, really wrong.  But I know that probably not the case.  Just weather it, hang in, pray, relax, rest.

I guess I'm glad I'm the boss or someone would have fired me by now.


Cecil b said...

Sounds like you're really stressed. Keep hanging in, praying, relaxing and resting - hopefully you'll start to feel better.

behrmark said...

I was going to suggest that you're pregnant but I believe a CT scan would reveal that. So - blessing or curse? Sorry about the tummy ache...wish I could rub it to make you feel better. Prayyers for healing ascend. And Behr Hugs.

FDeF said...

I had one of those bugs for over a week back a number of years. While on vacation. not fun. Hang in there.

Cubby said...

I'm telling you Joe, drink hot cider. It cures all.

DeepBlue said...

My worries about money gives me those same spasms in my belly especially since I'm out of work. I spend time to relax, eat better and try to release my anxiety with meditation.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

fear about money will do that, as well fear about just about anything. but keep hangin in ... there is light to be had, and healing.


MICK said...

Stress manifests itself in so many ways. Years ago a job reached a hectic peak that I had a patch of hair fall out...that stressed me out even MOREand a patch from my gotee fell ou!!! AHHHH!! Eventually work leveled out and I was bwckcto normal. A little bit of Ben and Jerrys made the distress a little easier. .... heh.

Ur-spo said...

I hope you are better by the time I write this.
I tend to think everything physical is from stress, or at least stress is aggravating it; be mindful now !