Friday, February 25, 2011


It is tough going to work.  And ain't it a shame how this work stuff gets in the way of life!  Can't they just send me the check each week?  Oh, yeah, the pay check.  Well, I guess that is a reason to go to work.  OK, if I must.  And, yeah, I guess I must.

Being in such an odd profession, time off to "recharge the batteries" is important.  I know, you wish you could have it too, right?  Well, coming form retreat tome back into work time, right into a board meeting was a big mistake.  I sort-of "grumped out."  Not good.  It wasn't terrible, but I should have taken some more transition time.  (Or, I should have just run away while I had the chance).

Now I'm feeling a bit restless.  Just a shade unsettled.  It's my day off, and I'm in my office.  There were some personal things I needed to get done here.  But I ended up doing a wealth of other work-related things too.  I ain't too bright, I know.

But maybe it's some other condition of restlessness or frustration or something . . . . .

I'll try to behave myself.
Well, probably mostly. And definitely safely, if anything.


Michael Dodd said...

I was griping about something job-related a while back, and our neighbor Peggy said, "Now, Michael, you wanted a job."

"No," I said. "I wanted a paycheck. That is different."

At any rate, I am grateful for my job, and I enjoyed the years when I had a job similar to yours. In those days, someone asked a friend of mine what I did.

"Michael," she said, "is a kept man."

If only!

The Favorite Things Guy said...

We've all been there, my friend. Do the best you can and that's all you can do.

Have a wonderful weekend! Keep up the great work.

Ron said...

Plan on early retirement. It's the only way to go.

Cubby said...

What's up with the Devil Dog image? And did you see what he is sporting towards his hide quarters? He has a HUGE... tail!

Spring is busting out all over the mountains, or so I've read. How about collecting a few pics showing us the beginnings of spring life.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes when I re-charge my batteries in a setting like you did, ALL my batteries get re-charged, or re-awakened. Re-connecting with my body is good but, as you know, also has its dangerous side. Coming back, esp to board meetings and all the pettiness of the vocations we are in, sends me right over the edge...and then I struggle even more with any sense of appropriate discipline. Hang in there. Bill

Ur-spo said...

you sound brandy as a billy goat
spring fever, I suppose.
saps rising.