Sunday, February 13, 2011

Into Silence

OK, so, I'm in this strange kind of job, you know?  Really.  It's just different from what most people do.  Unexpected for a gay man, who's been divorced.  Just not what you'd think.

And, it can be a very draining profession.  Dealing with a many needs, on many levels, in many ways; and there is seldom a dull moment.  Long days; sometimes long nights; always weekends.  So, every now and then, one has to get away.  Way away (sort of).

Having no money, there are some resources upon which I may draw for away time that is work related.  No, it's not a convention in Las Vegas.  It's a retreat.  A real retreat; an old-fashioned retreat. 


I'm leaving today for about 3 days of silence with a bunch of folk who live in community, and don't talk.  Meals, prayers, silence.  right now, it sounds like heaven to me!  I am really excited.

On the way, I'll stop over for a night with a friend.  That part of the trip won't be silent.  But there may be parts of it where I will be unable to talk.

A film maker did a documentary on a group of silent folk called Into Great Silence.  I recommend it.  I'll be with Trappists, though, not Carthusians, if you care to know!

I will be writing some but not sure if I'll have Internet connection.  Maybe I'll post something if so inclined.  No TV, no chatting, no noise.  Long walks, some books to read.  Silence.

I am so gonna love this.


The Favorite Things Guy said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful to me. Sign ME up! I could use some silence myself.

Butterfly Mage said...

Getting away from the noise and the gadgets can be an incredibly restorative thing. I think that's one of the many reasons why I like taking nature hikes. You can't drive your car on the hiking trail. The cell phones don't work. It's good. :)

behrmark said...

Good for you my friend! Silent meditative time is always good; far too many of us don't engage in it. My prayers will be with you in your contemplation. HUGS

Ice John's World said...

Have fun!

Cubby said...

I hope you have a relaxing three days. I suggest you stay off the internet even if you have a connection.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are able to get away. I agree with Cubby, give yourself a break from the internet. I've found monastic retreats to be nourishing as well as healing. Looking to hear how it goes for you. Bill

BentonQuest said...

Have a great time. I hope the time brings you peace and clarity!

Jeremiah Andrews said...

There are a few monasteries here in Montreal that we visit from time to time. A great way to DIS-connect from every day life.

The silence of prayer and the community of faithful is really nice.

Leave the electronics at home. Don't spoil the time you have to savor the serenity that silence brings.


Ur-spo said...

I hope you have a marvelous experience; and you become more whole.

RG said...

Oh no! They're going to lock you in their basement to force you make their preserves and jelly! Why do you think they're call "trappist"? LOL

Seriously, have a soulful, reflective and relaxing weekend.

Raven~ said...

so .... you goin' North, West, or South?