Saturday, January 15, 2011

Home again

My housemates are back from foreign travels.  It is good to have them home.  It's been lonely.

Snow is melting.  s l o w l y.  Life moves on.

Working in the non-profit sector has its interesting moments.  One odd thing is the 403b.  You may have a 401k,  but I have a 403b.  And they aren't the same.

For reasons to arcane and enigmatic, I cannot cash out my teeny tiny 403b that was going to pay my offspring's tuition this semester.  I am screwed.  Royally.

Somehow I will make it happen.  But today, I know not how.  Ugh.

On Christmas day (in the midst of a really big snow storm) my children, and their mom, and I went out to eat, as we've done every year for the past couple of decades.  Every Christmas.  Only two places have been so honored to host us on these occasions, one in the small town where we once lived, and the other where I (we all) now live.  Fancy.  Expensive.  Tradition!

The latter establishment has, in its expansive lobby, two huge fireplaces.  Really big.  The picture above tells it all.

Stay warm, friends.  Hope you've someone to stay warm with!  Cheers.


Alan said...

That stone fireplace looks amazing! I'm so glad you had a special dinner on that special day with your children and mother.

Lemuel said...

What a hearth!
As yes, those 403B's! When I was cut from the ranks of the employed nearly two years ago now, I jumped through hoops with mine. I was finally able to cash in a small part of it, but had to convert the other part to an annuity. The annuity part is paid monthly and enables me to buy some gas or an item or two off the McD's $1 menu - but not both. ;) (Good luck. I hope you can work the magic.)

Ultra Dave said...

Good to hear from you! Wishing you all the best bear stud!

BentonQuest said...

Didn't know if the tradition was going to continue, but I was thinking of you and the family this Christmas. Just a really cool place.

Good to hear things are going, if not well, at least going.

Hugs from Michigan.

Java said...

And hugs from South Carolina, where snow still rests in shady places.

Ur-spo said...

it is 70 degrees here; warm enough thank you.

BadgerBear said...

I have a 403(b) AND a 401(k) :-)

And I was at those fireplaces back in August! Expansive AND expensive.

Ron said...

We could use some of that fireplace warmth here on the east coast of southern Delaware on this cold and damp Tuesday morning.

Cubby said...

I'm glad you had a good Christmas with your family. I hope to see you again this year, perhaps at Sean's gathering in August.

JC said...

Don't know about 403B, but I was able to get a loan through my 401K. Basically you borrow from yourself and you play it back with interest that you pay to yourself...
It sounds to easy to probably work in your situation, but it's worth a try... It was cheaper than a motorcycle loan and I only had it out for a few months... A semester in college is more than a motorcycle.

The fireplace is awesome. Is it just for show, or is there something cooking in it?

Haven't had snow in Central Texas like the rest of the country, but it has been dang cold!!!

haha, the security word is burit

Ice John's World said...

You can always go to Chinsese restaurants during Christmas and they usually are not that expensive.

Michael Dodd said...

The monastery outside of Little Rock where I entered the community had once been a country club.The chapel -- once the ballroom -- had a fireplace at each end, about the size of those in the photo. There was another about the same size in the dining room. Midnight Mass was glorious with fires roaring at each end of the chapel, and it was a perfect place to build and Easter fire. And nothing beats a festive meal at a long, plain refectory table seating thirty people with a fire like that roaring away.

Meanwhile, greetings from Wisconsin where it is currently - 17 (yup, that's a minus sign!) The good news is that it will go all the way up to 5 degrees.