Sunday, September 26, 2010

Merrily we roll along

It is emblematic of my week that I've neither posted nor read many other blogs.  It's just been like that!

Long days.  Long evenings.  A few nights without a lot of sleep.  I'm not sure why, I just couldn't sleep.  So, part of one day had to make up for that.  Ugh.

But life is good, on the whole.  Much busy-ness, but good stuff.  Nothing "over-the-top" good or bad.  Just rolling along.  Eldest has job; youngest in school (and the roommate issues worked out).  So, it's good.

Linville Falls
The religious non-profit for whom ('with whom') I work is hitting the financial downturn in a big way.  Nothing catastrophic, mind you, just 'tough'.  I may have to take salary cut for the new year, but I've seen that that might be coming.  Or, we may have to lay someone off, and that's not a great option.  For lots of reasons, particularly some political ones.  Don't you just hate politics in the work place?  Ugh.  But that's what's real.  We navigate carefully, slowly, gently through it all.  My time here may be beginning to end.  That's not too bad a thing, but there is the question of what next.  And I've been pondering that for a while.

Things in my organization seldom (if ever) move quickly.  So it may be a few years.  I know, in the business world you thing about things happening in days, weeks, or months.  Big corporations open new outlets only to close them in a few months because something changes at corporate.  Hah!  We take years, decades, centuries (it seems).
Glacial pace (global warming notwithstanding).

It gives one time to think.  And pray.


behrmark said...

Why do all of your posts make me regret that I'm not close enough to give you a huge hug? Guess cyber ones will have to do for now.
And prayers ascend on your behalf, my friend.

Neil said...

"My time here may be beginning to end." Yes, I remember you saying this but I didn't think it would begin to end so soon. Big bear hug, love and prayer.

Neil said...

"My time here may be beginning to end." Yes, I remember you saying this but I didn't think it would begin to end so soon. Big bear hug, love and prayer.

Lemuel said...

I'm happy to read that most things seem to be going on an even keel. I hear what you are saying about how things are going at your work - the downturn and the glacial pace. I hope they find the means so that you will not need to take a salary cut.

BentonQuest said...

I am happy to hear things are on an even keel, I am not happy to hear about the troubles at the non-profit. Bummer.

Prayers going your way.

Cubby said...

I've been losing sleep too. It seems the older I get, the harder it is to sleep.

If you need a quick get-away, and feel like driving 7 hours, come see Greg and I in Ohio.

Ice John's World said...

Good luck to you about the situation at work! You might want to start to look for some other opportunities somewhere else while you still hold current position. Good luck!

Ur-spo said...

A group can't grow fast; it takes one person no time to decide what colour to paint a room; a group takes much longer time. So don't let the workplace stifle the rate of your personal growth. Maybe it is time to move on as they are holding you back?

JC said...

Sorry, long time no post... but I have been reading when i can catch some time.
There have been cut backs here and reorgs,... and layoffs.
That's very compassionate that everyone would take a pay cut to avoid layoffs. If things turn around it's nice to have the group together ...except for the work place politics.. I guess it WAS Everyone that was taking the pay hit? ...and then I read Ur-Spo's comment and I can see the wisdom in that too. Why does life have to be so hard/comlicated like that...

Wish I had something profound to add, but the only thing I can think of is don't get depressed about it, the season is changing the weather is changing getting crisper in the mornings... maybe you just need to take an occasional morning hike and enjoy the gifts of nature God is laying out before you.
Prayers and hugs regardless

Butterfly Mage said...

I've had pay cuts for three years straight. I'm glad that you are not getting laid off!