Friday, May 29, 2009


I moved at the end of last month, and I had to move in a hurry! Here is a picture of the last bits from the living room.

After it was all packed into a truck, it got moved to my place of business and stored in an extra room. Blessedly we've got the storage space. That's saving me some bucks!

It's all there. In that room. Well, there is some in the basement, too, but most of it's right there.

It isn't as much as one might think. You can really see most of it in the picture. I'm glad to be traveling as lightly as I am. (May the poor of the world forgive me).

Next, I'll post some pictures of my present digs. Sharing a house with folk comes with ready-made garden.

Life goes on. Life is good. Busy, hectic, stressful. But I am glad to be alive, to be me.

Tonight, some friends are coming to stay over for the weekend. In between work requirements, we'll get to visit. I'm so glad to have friends.


Ultra Dave said...

I do believe you are the first gay man I know to have t-stands with waterfall arms to hang their shirts on!

Jim said...

Joe, is the color a bit off or is that a pink recliner? LOL, you ARE gay!

Its good to see you have a good attitude about life. Keep it up!

Steven said...

Have a great time this weekend with your friends. And don't work too much! ;-)

Neil said...

Is the tree in your office real? If it wasn't bare I'd think it's Christmastime ;-)

Ur-spo said...

do show more of your jackets/ties; always an attractive thing on/off a man!

Lemuel said...

I am constantly looking around our place and getting depressed at all the "stuff" we have accumulated. It is all a millstone around our necks. It owns us, not we, it. You are wise to travel light.

Greg said...

I guess I'm not as gay as I should be - without visual aids, I'd have had no idea what T stands with waterfall arms were. ; )

Good luck settling into the new place, Joebear. Hope the garden makes it easier to find peace and beauty in your every days!

: )