Saturday, November 01, 2008

This, That, the Other

I've had quite a couple of days. Job interview in neighbouring state. Went well, I guess. I came out to committee of potential employers. They seemed to take it well, be supportive, etc., but what will happen next.

Went to a bar Halloween night. Shouldn't have done that. Behaved badly. And I am sad about that. More later. Maybe.

I have voted! Yeah for early voting! Wish I could vote NO on Prop 8 in California. I have actually donated, twice, to support the No on 8 campaign. And, I've given again to HRC for the same.

Damn. I feeling this political clout thing . . . . I am ready to fight.

I continue to be amazed by Fr. Geoffrey Farrow and his witness.


Topper said...

Congratulations for having the balls to come out to your potential employers! If that is the place your to be it will work out. At least that's what i tell myself. Don't worry about Halloween night, You let off some steam, whatever you did. Still praying for ya.

john said...

Sometimes we need to behave badly!

Java said...

I, too, wish I could vote on California's Prop 8.
I know a lot of people have voted early. I'm waiting until Tuesday.

Are you out where you work now? If you have said, I forgot.

Hope November goes well for you. Looks like the end of October was a bit iffy.

Lemuel said...

I am happy for you that you are finding the strength to be open with prospective employers and finding support. I continue to hold you in my prayers as you move forward.

I, too, appreciate the powerful, thoughtful, articulate witness of Fr. Geoff. A voice crying in the wilderness...

As for behaving badly, hmmm... One of my theological heros is once reported to have said, "Sin boldly!" Not bad (no pun) advice. I need to take it myself sometime. ;)

Ur-spo said...

'very badly'' - what does that entail?
did you kiss somebody or drop your pants?
do tell (all)

manxxman said...

A couple of observations......

I agree with "ur-spo"....what exactly did the sin involve.....just so, in the privacy of the confession booth (read your blog here) we can all absolve you.

I am so terribly proud of you in your job have done something that when (not if) you get the new appointment will make your life a great deal easier for you to deal with......Amen!!

Michael said...

Just another voice to congratulate and support you as you move forward with your job hunt and, MUCH more importantly, with your life.

As for your bar episode, are you still working your program? Do you have a sponsor or someone to accompany you on this part of the journey?

Fr. Farrow's courage inspires me at one level and saddens me at another. The reason for inspiration is obvious. The sadness is because I know so many gay RC clergy who are unwilling or unable to speak up and out about this and other issues. The resulting illusion about a Catholic consensus is a tool in the hands of people whose vision of the reign of God is disturbing.

Birdie said...

Forgive yourself for your setback; the One who knows what you've done already has. You're human, sweetie, and you're going to make mistakes. It makes it easier to forgive others, doesn't it.

You are on a very difficult journey. I really hope you've got a support network in person. As much as we your readers are rooting for you, there is no substitute for a friend who is there in person. Prayers reaching up for you, Joe.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Even up here we are watching the Prop8 campaign, I hope it goes well but the wingnuts are out in full force to vote yes on being a bigot.

We all make mistakes Joe, I think the main thing is you are trying to work on it and not making excuses.