Wednesday, July 09, 2008


What a week. My youngest teenager has migraines. The doctor prescribed a new medication to try. Bad news. "A very adverse reaction."
Didn't help the pain, loss of muscle control, shakes, tightening of the chest and throat, sent he into a major panic attack (which is not like her). Off to the ER.
That was Monday night. Got home Tuesday morning about 7.30 am. She is alright, but still not great. Ugh.
I have suffered from migraines, but only very occasionally. It is like a spike in the head. I wonder what is tension and anxiety from our family stress, and what may be hormonal/chemical/physiological? Probably a combination. Wish I could make them go away for her.
The PA is doing fine. Still a little sore, needing soaking a few times a day. Getting better. Still proud. I'll write later about my experience of PRIDE in Atlanta.


Queers United said...

the atlanta pride looks big and fun, im jealous

Donald said...

Hope your daughter gets back to feeling herself soon. A worry for you, I'm sure.

Lemuel said...

Best wishes to you daughter. Occasionally I get migraines. Thankfully not as often as I used to. You want to do *anything* to make it stop hurting. I am sorry that she had a bad reaction. I hope that she recovers quickly and that they find a medication that will help the headaches without serious side effects.

BentonQuest said...

Have a good time at pride! Hope your daughter is doing better.

manxxman said...

It hurts being a parent when your child is in any are both in my thoughts.

Having said that I'm sure there are a number of your readers that would be willing to help you "soak your PA".....hehe

Ur-spo said...

migraines are indeed no fun.
they run in families.
happily there are a lot of things both rx and nonrx to do for them.