Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More road trip

We have lots of old commercial buildings saved from the wrecker. And, since we are a very "funky" town full of aging hippies and new-hippies, we have lots of "earthy" businesses, activities, etc. There is lots of craft folk, artist, musicians, and more. It's a great place to live, and mountains, too!

An old department store, revitalized as Earth Guild. Every crafty stuff you'd ever want.

The old Woolworth's is now an artists cooperative. But there still run the snack bar inside, just like the old days!
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Hirsute polyamorous bear said...

The old department store was a Cress, I think (I think I recognize those tiles). Either that Woolworth's or Cress had a cafeteria in it that we would eat in some Sunday afternoons. I remember being mesmerized by the mechanical device which would lower your tray down into the basement; there was a continual stream of metal thingies that came down this sort of chimney thing that you put your tray into in an opening. You could do this from either the second or ground floors, so sometimes there were trays already in there that you had to be careful of. I was (um, am) fascinated by anything mechanical, and this was one of the most fun ones.

The roofline of the Baptist church brings back fond memories! And that big hulking building next to it had some real funky Deco decorations on it as I recall. Cool memories! Thanks for sharing these pics!

Lemuel said...

You *do* have some classic architecture. and it seems well preserved and maintained. The sight of the Woolworths takes me back to my home town. Our store looked very much like it and I remember eating at the lunch counter there.

Birdie said...

I remember Woolworth's in my hometown. We would go there every Sunday after church, and my parents would sit at the counter to have coffee and chat with friends. I would get a nickel and go stare at the candy bars for a long time. I don't know why I made it so hard; I always chose a Milky Way.

Anonymous said...

I'm liking these visual tours that you are providing. It provides a different, yet welcoming, facet to all the things I've learned about you. Thank you for sharing!