Friday, April 11, 2008


Ok, I know that I'm not the only gay man who lacks the "fashion gene." But I do have the urge and the delight in an "event." Tonight is my youngest daughter's prom! She looked beautiful in a long, satiny, yellow dress with an overlay of more yellow stuff with polka dots. Don't know all the terms. It was sleeveless, off the shoulder, beautiful. Of course, I am way biased!

As is the way they do things these days, she went without a date and with a gaggle of friends, some with dates, some without. Safety in numbers. When I had a prom, (35 plus years ago!) one wouldn't think of going stag. I am really glad that has changed.

Oh, the proud pappa I am; truly blessed with great children.


publius100 said...

You know joy. And you know Who gives it to you.

Brent said...

I'm looking forward to my kids' proms... and all the fun life events. The crappy ones I can do without.

bear said...

cool deal! Things have changed. I like that...the prom was so much stress over dates and worry about going alone, I felt sorry for girls in my class, kids are much more independent these days perhaps.

Lemuel said...

You are correct. We would never have gone stag. Great to know that they are doing it these days. I also know that there are some same-gender couples going now. Kudos to them.

Around here proms are FAR more expensive that ours were. Some folks spend thousands of dollars on them.

My older son went to his senior prom (with a date), but my younger son never went - although he went to an "after-Prom" all night party (for everyone) that some folks in the community sponsored at the local mall. He won a ice hockey jersey. It made his night.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how your daughter would feel having her picture shown right above the Scottish bar stool picture?

birdoparadise said...

When my sweet daughter put on her prom dress, I had mixed feelings. She looked like a million bucks, but she was also sexy. She wasn't slutty-looking, but what an awakening it was to me.

As a woman, I want her to love her body and learn to enjoy the pleasures God designed for her. As a mother, I want her to marry, have two children, live a long and happy life and die still a virgin.

I'm working on reconciling the two.

David said...

I am both filled with anticipation and dread as I look forward to those events with my daughters. My almost 11 year old is very fashion oriented and has warned me to start saving for her dresses now!

Every year when they get dressed for the Father/Daughter Valentine Dance I am amazed at how incredibly beautiful both of them are. I know no greater blessing than my daughters.


Ur-spo said...

i did not know kids 'went in groups' these days.
i guess it alleviates some tensions to get a date or be left alone/out.

afod said...

I never went to Prom, and never would ave gone stag. There definitely would have been a stigma attached to it. Homecoming and Turnabout were doable. ;-) I hope that your daughter had a great time.