Thursday, August 16, 2007

More new digs

The new digs had been bought by someonedoing a "flip-this-house" project. So, there is new carpet (beige, of course), new paint (check the red kitchen), and all new appliances. Woo.

And, there is a garage! Note the nifty keeno car. (not new).

And, there is a great (and private) back deck that looks into the woods.

And then, there is a new resident!


Lemuel said...

I really like the view into the woods!

The "funishings" illustrated in the last picture are quite handsome. ;) Woof!

Jeremiah Andrews said...

All is right in the world. Warm Congrats on your new home. May God Bless it and he who resides within it.

Pax Domini

john said...

Great new digs!!

bear said...

Nice place! The new resident is pretty damn cute! WOOF! Good to see things are working out...