Monday, April 30, 2007

Never Flagging

Up and down and up and down. Things move on. Today is a good day. I am grateful. I have found some folk for whom I can house sit for the summer (actually, through November - they summer in New England). So, that really relieves some of the financial pressures of moving out.

Thanks for supportive comments about my PA. It is doing well. It is for me an important "ritual" action, claiming my own body, claiming my gayness. Even though I have my days still of wishing it would all go away, things do get better.

I was encouraged to find the illustration of a certain flag flying with the Episcopal Church flag. Ye Ha!


Ur-spo said...

things sound like they are brightening up for you; I am glad.

Michael said...

When I was in the process of leaving the monastery and priesthood, I told people that I often felt like I was stepping out over an abyss, but each time, a hand from SomeWhere and SomeOne rose up to support me. I am sure this will continue to happen for you. It is still scary to take the next step, I know, but support will be there.

john said...

It sounds like things are getting better.

Keep us updated.

BentonQuest said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. Love the picture.

A Troll At Sea said...


You are walking a lonely path, but others have gone ahead of you, and you of all people know that the valley of the shadow of death is not something we have to walk alone.

Hey, I summer in New England, too!

I am praying for you.


Jeremiah said...


You know I care deeply that you are well and that you assimilate into the world, and not get lost in the cracks. Depression is a bitch, but all the pills in the world are not going to help you unless you get on that horse and you ride out into the world.

Nothing cures depression, like the good work one puts into ourselves. I know, I learned that lesson. I am glad to see you out and about...

So, a P.A. huh! I have one too. Remember that a PA takes love and care TLC to keep clean. Warm water in a glass, sea salts and betadine solution once a week. A good soak and keep it clean. Mine is custom and has three captured balls in the 14 g ring. It takes a little more cleaning and scrubbing to get in between the balls, because gunk will accumulate if you don't keep a piercing down there clean.

Your body will acclimate to the piercing and your sensory nerves will tell you what is going on down there in ways you never knew. It is great fun. It is important that you follow the instructions for aftercare and upkeep. Because mine got infected and it did not feel very nice at all, so you want to avoid that from occurring, especially the first 6 months during the healing process.

I know that I could not "minister" to myself for three days afterwards. UGH!! And mine bled like a pig the night of the procedure it freaked me out. But that only happened that one time.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness.