Saturday, January 06, 2007

No Pictures

Bummer. I can't seem to get my non-beta Blogger to do pictures. I push the "add image" button, but nothing works. I've tried turning off my pop-up blocker and it still doesn't work (though I'd already "given permission" for pop-ups on this page.

Used to be, I could post a picture through Picasa. That was a little more of a pain, but I could do it. That doesn't seem to work any more, either.

I am going to try the "help" thing, but I haven't found anything helpful, yet. Any suggestions, guys?

Cheers, Joe.

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Another gay dad said...

I have the same problem. Half the time when I use Internet Explorer on my PC, the picture will not display after I hit the "add image" button. My solution is to then switch to the Firefox browser. I never had a problem posting/displaying images with it. I don't use Firefox all the time for blog posting because it does strange things with text when I copy and paste from Word to Blogger running on Firefox.