Friday, July 11, 2014


The fight for Marriage Equality will be won.  Maybe it already has been, essentially.  Now there is the wait until it moves around the country, state to state.

While I am happy that it is happening, I don’t know that I want to get married, right away.  (Of course, with no partner or even a boyfriend, it will be a wait)!  Just because we can (or will be able to) doesn’t mean we should, right away.  There is a reason so many straight people are waiting.

Marriage is a legal contract undertaken by, and with, the State.  (As a clergyperson, I don’t want to be the officer for anybodies’ weddings, gay or straight.  But that’s another matter).  It has benefits and responsibilities.  It’s really much more than just “I love you.”  

The Backlash is coming.  People do not fear change so much as they fear loss.  And straight white male privilege is crumbling.  Many frame it as being “under attack.”  And so it is, and needs to be.  Retrenchment is taking place. It will be severe.

And, while we may “win” rights to marry, there are so many other “-isms” out there that will tighten up, hunker down, take strangle hold where they can.  Sexism. Racism.  Patriarchy.  Economic privilege.  If we want justice, it must be for all.  That cause is one we must continue, expand, and embrace.


Frank Topper said...

Wow, I log on and see you have posted! Then I see there are other posts. Great welcome back to the Blogosphere! You are right about the backlash, yes it is coming. Our community will need to soldier on. Hope to see more of your writing.

Michael Dodd said...

So happy to see you have posted. There will be backlash -- or perhaps "sidelash" if those who feel threatened redirect their anger at another minority.

Marriage (semiarrived in Wisconsin in June and people were getting married for a couple of weeks before the judge reluctantly issued a stay.

Tom and I got tired of waiting and got married in Minnesota back in March. We have been together ten years and the wedding was low-key. And yet I felt different afterward, something I did not expect. The court administrator who married us did a lovely job and it was simple but solemn and serious and joyful. I wish the same for all those who desire and are ready for it. Glad -- and surprised -- that we lived long enough for it to happen!

Tim said...

Oddly, I don't feel to much backlash here in Georgia (Marietta to be exact).
We've been married since May (Illinois); our school teacher/students/families/synagogue have all been supportive. We waited 15 years, and felt we couldn't wait any longer.
I'm looking forward to a religious ceremony after High Holidays. I want my OWN wedding cake (G)!

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Hi Mr cutie bear, time to get back to blogging. I am totally open to getting married, but it has to be right, so no I wouldn't rush in just for the sake of being married. There will be a backlash but our saving grace is many of the younger generation don't see being gay as an issue.

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