Thursday, December 22, 2011


I'm waiting for the light.

This season of the year is quite tough for me.  And, things are looking up.
The religious celebrations of a Christian sort help me make it through, though I know many gay brothers and sisters do not countenance stuff that has to do with "Christianity" or the church.  And I deeply understand that. No one need tell me about the church or "Christianity" and what it has meant, done, inflicted upon, etc., our kind.

Being Christian, though, in the very liberal fashion in which I claim that title, ain't so bad.  There is a deeper Truth underneath the religiosity and practice of many who have hurt us, and do hurt us, and will defame and shame and injure and speak ill of us.  Really; there is a deeper Truth there. for me, it is worth it.

And, as I work for a religious non-profit, I'm deeply rooted in the Tradition.  And it's more than you think.  As the appointed leader of said religious non-profit, I came out almost two years ago.  And I'm still here, and we are actually growing and (in small ways) flourishing. The story is beyond amazing and unexpected and grace-filled.  The Truth and the Practice of many is far beyond the idiocy and hypocrisy and hate-filled-practice of some.  It's true.

One odd (quite odd) and blessed thing that comes to me in my 'employment' is the chance for some extended time away.  It's called a sabbatical.  And now it seems I will be graced with one.  February and March.  Time will be spent in meditation and contemplation with some monks (most of whom are gay, I think).  I'll be welcomed and accepted and given time for work and prayer and no one cares that I am gay.  I am hoping it will be a time of further transformation.

In South Africa.  Can you imagine?  I am only just beginning to.

The next few days will be very busy for me.  So,  Cheers, Shalom, and Merry Christmas to all.

PS:  I've got so much Celtic blood in me (it's true) now I understand why I want to paint myself blue and dance naked around a mistletoe-laden oak tree.  Huzzah!


behrmark said...

An eloquently written post! My thoughts and prayers continue to be lifted on your behalf (and for others). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I look forward to hearing about your South African sabbatical. Behr Hugs!

Java said...

Woa, South Africa?! That's different. I hope the change of atmosphere (and I mean that in a very broad sense) does you good.

Merry Christmas!

Ur-spo said...

oh those pagan roots!
you don't have to scratch deep to uncover the Archaic.

DeepBlue said...

I do not practice anymore but I will never deny that a lot of what my parents taught me about Jesus-Christ still influence my life in a positive way. I didn't throw out the baby with the bathwater!

I wish you the best on this holy celebration and may you find peace and serenity on your journey to S.Africa!

Donald said...

Mwrry Christmas.

Just believe, eh?

Thank you, Polar Express

Mind Of Mine said...

Merry Christmas.

Mind Of Mine.

Butterfly Mage said...

Good post. I wish there were a lot more liberal Christians and a lot fewer of the modern-day Fundamentali$t Chri$tian$. May you receive many blessings in the coming year. May next year be better than this one. Blessed be.

Ice John's World said...

Merry Christmas and good luck on your new year's journey!