Friday, June 03, 2011

Raindbows over 'Exodus'

Those sad folk who call themselves "Christians" and believe that gay folk can be turned from their evil ways will be gathering near my town of residence next week.  Needless to say, some queer folk in our town are setting up some events to counter said gathering.  How this odd city with so many queer folk can exist in the midst of such unbelieving "christianists" never ceases to amaze me.

Reading some of their entries about freedom, grace, compassion, etc., I must admit that I could say many of the same things about my experience of coming out!  Dig deeper blinded ones - the Truth is out there.  The Deeper Reality of Grace is that God loves us as God made us: queer.  Love Wins.

Through forty years of deep struggle, the depth of Grace has accepted and embraced me.  And called me into Love.  Yep.  Love wins, indeed.


manxxman said...

You live in a wonderful city.... and they will call out those "idiots" that think we are "strange" are wonderfully strange.....long may it last.

DeepBlue said...

Beautifully penned!
Let's keep following the road of Grace!
"And Grace will lead me home"
Take care and thank you

Ur-spo said...


Topper said...

Yep Love does win! Thank God for His indescribable grace and love. AMEN

Ice John's World said...

Love indeed wins!

Steve F. said...

So are you going to participate in or attend the events this weekend? I would love to hear Mel White speak - his "Stranger At The Gate" was a foundational text for my own coming-out. But I also realize that your profession requires you to be more discreet than others might be - especially in that neighborhood.

Being a new resident of Springfield, MO - headquarters of both the Evangel Temple group and the world-wide HQ of the Assemblies of God - I realize how hard it can be to not go back into the closet.

It is, for instance, an active effort to use the "partner" word in conversation...and to get the occasional cold-shoulder once I use it. I have found great solace in the recovery community which has been completely open and accepting (which I had hoped-for, but not really expected).

If I remember right, it was that Jesus fellow who said "the contentious, self-deluded morons will be with you always" (I may have mistranslated that...). I wish you all peace, serenity and acceptance as they descend upon your fair city.

Derek said...

Love always wins!