Monday, October 25, 2010

Slowly better

The back is better.  I'm moving slowly, but I'm moving.  Thanks for the support.

Today is a tough day for a back ache, for feeling my age.  Because today, I add a year, complete another circuit of the sun, begin again with new numbers. Today, of all days, I didn't need to feel older.

But, aging is the only way to live.

There is, for me, much for which to be grateful. I know, I keep saying that, but it's true.  And, it keeps me focused on all the good stuff that is there for me.  Still, all kinds of feelings rush in.  I'm trying to practice how to welcome them and let them go.  Not welcoming the yuk stuff, just the feelings of frustration, anger, hurt, confusion, or helplessness that comes with them.

Letting go is such an important part of life.  Not just saying goodbye, or living with constant grief, but setting free ourselves from stuff that may weigh us down.

The leaves have changed.  This picture doesn't begin to convey it.
I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth.


Cubby said...

Happy Birthday old man!!

BentonQuest said...

Happy Birthay!

Yes, you do live in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Glad you are feeling better, just don't rush it.

behrmark said...

Best wishes on this, YOUR day.

Behr Hugs!

Erik Rubright said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Lemuel said...

Belated happy birthday, Joe!

Birdie said...

Happy birthday, old man! Wait, what am I saying? I'm older than you are. Let's just be grateful for each birthday since the alternative simply is not an option. Take in the beauty around you as a gift for you, as you are a gift for the people in your life. Really: happy birthday.

Ice John's World said...

Happy birthday and hope that your back recovers soon!

RG said...

Happy Birthday you woofy, handsome man. I see the pain pills have kicked in - somewhat. LOL Feel better soon.

Greg said...

Happy Belated Anniversary of Your Birth!

Vương Tử Trực said...

Happy new year!

Donald said...

You're on an adventure!

Java said...

I've loved your area of the country since I first saw it as a young adolescent. I wanted to live there then, and I'd like to live there now.

Hope your back feels better by now.
Big Bear hugs!

JC said...

Happy Birthday!
Hope your back is getting better and the love life/home life gets better...

Sorry I haven't been reading about everything that has been happening.
Work has been 'hellish' this past month... and yes I do mean hellish.
Actually had vacation planned for Oct.20 - 26 to NYC, that was fun, but really couldn't totally enjoy it with incomplete work hanging over my head, yet I was forbidden from taking my computer along - which was hard, but probably a good thing. The pressure since I have been back to complete everything has been annoying, especially this week... one reason I am reading this at 2AM!

MICK said...

Well ratz... Happy Belated Birthday, Joe. I've been away from the blogosphere...something called know how that is.

Every once in awhile an elderly person will tell me..."what ever you do -- DON'T GET OLD!" To which I reply: "It's too late -- I'm half way there!!"

What's a person to do.

I remember when I was about 25, I witnessed this woman standing in line, recognize this guy ahead of her. They were in their mid to late 30s. Apparently they knew each other from high school... "Has it really been 'x' amount of years?" she asked... it had been.

I now find myself asking that same question. Like how the 15th of Nov it had been 20 years since my mom passed away... 20 fricken years.. seems like yesterday.

I'm glad to 'virtually' know you Joe and wish you the happiest of trips around the sun this year. Make sure your seat belt is tightened!!