Saturday, August 15, 2009

Here and Now

I had a wonderful visit with blogger Birdie who so graciously wrote about our visit. Meanwhile there has been much busy-ness with getting children off to college, being part of big doings at work, and it's all happening at the same time! Ahhhhh!

Money is running out, time is running short, energy level is declining. I'm just ready for the grave, eh? Hah! We're just getting started. (He said to himself, hopefully, trying to flag his failing spirits).

This will be my first semester not traveling to one public school or another on a daily basis (and usually twice a day, or more). My children will have flown the coop! An empty nest! I've not pondered this much. Hmmm.

Here is a picture of a bear in our yard, again.

With August here, there is lots of fresh food from all over. At work, we've been getting fresh tomatoes, cucumbers (as pictured here - stop that!) as well as squash. We've also gotten fresh stuff for the food pantry at church.

I've been thinking a lot on the concept and reality of Privilege. For us white male, we've got it made in the shade. But being gay adds its challenges to that. But maybe that's why we are so feared (more than lesbians, say).

To see things from a different perspective is something many (straight) white males cannot do (easily, if at all). It is hard to let go of our closely held beliefs and stereotypes and role models and ideas. Of course our way is the best way, can't you see that? Huh?

To quote from the indefatigable Sean: "Everyone keeps telling me to look at the big picture, but they don't understand that I'm looking at an entirely different painting."


Breenlantern said...

DID YOU JUST CALL ME (inde)FAT(igable)? He he he.

Birdie said...

Welcome to minority status. (I was just told the same thing not so long ago, for entirely different reasons.) It's a real eye-opener, is it not? Suddenly your assumptions no longer work and you have to reassess many of your long-held and unconscious expectations. And those who still live in that privilege have almost no interest whatsoever in your enlightened state.

You're in great company; you know that, don't you? Let those who will hear do so and let the rest go. Keep talking, for someone needs to hear what you have to say. That big picture includes your artwork too.

BentonQuest said...

That was one of the things that I found interesting about coming out: I suddenly went from being in the majority (white, male, protestant, american) to being in the minority, and a hated minority at that. It has been quite the learning experience.

Neil said...

The problem is, some gay guys behave like they were in the majority within the "gay community" (let's leave the definition of it aside). Their feeling of superiority is sometimes unbelievable, as they call other gay men "biased, obnoxious, unacceptable, not normal" and many other labels of this kind. Or, still worse, an agnostic gay man says to a believing one: "Go to fucking hell!"

Lemuel said...

Your post and the comments were quite interesting and, I think, insightful. I would propose that a lot of the rudeness, intolerance, and insanity (to put it mildly) that we have seen in the last two decades in our nation stem from our inability (or unwillingness) to let go of our cherished assumptions long enough to see an issue from the perspective of others.
I think I need to add in chorus with Neil that the charge needs to be leveled on the LGBT community as well as on the society at large. Since cracking my closet door open even a tad, I have seen and personally met with intolerance and judgmental attitudes among the members of this community toward other members who differ from them. This discovery saddened me deeply. Perhaps such "inner-intolerance" among ourselves is merely proof that we are so very much like every one else. Perhaps it is a reflection and a reaction to the intolerance we feel at the hands of the society at large and our attempt to escape our hurt by passing it onto others. Regardless, it saddens me deeply and it has caused me to re-evaluate the direction of my own journey and my place among those whom I had begun to think of as my Family.

Ur-spo said...

It is very wise of you to look at a different painting from now on; the old ones don't work anymore.

Ohh, but i am envious of the cukes !

Topper said...

Yes EVERYTHING changed when I came out. Now I am on the otherside of the fence here in the Bible belt, in the shadow of Pat Robertson's CBN, & Regent. If folk in my church knew, if the christian community knew. I wrote about this in an early blog. Then in my new community where I hoped to be accepted, nurtured, I confront some of the same shit. things change when they find out your christian, and even more when they find out your vocation is ministry. on the bright side I wonder if I qualify for minority finiancial aid? LOL

manxxman said...

Will I thought you had two new double dildos......but perishable that's novel.

As for our "community".....any time you unbalance the "majority" they become uneasy......they want to stay the "majority"......power is more fun.

Java said...

Glad you enjoyed your visit with Birdie. I'm really sorry I wasn't able to make the trip myself.

john said...

I love that quote at the end of your post! Clever!!

MICK said...

Thank you Joe for visiting my blog and commenting. Somewhere awhile back one click begot another click begot another click begot another click and I came across your page.

At the time I did not bookmark it.

I have corrected that error. Hope you do not mind if I link to it.