Friday, August 08, 2008


Well, I have to post something today, it's 08-08-08.. My day off. Unremarkable, except for my dying computer. The keyboard and mouse are acting very strange and strangely. I must type slowly and make sure the letters appear. Sometimes they don't. it's weird.
I cut my hair today, as I do every few weeks. No. 2 all over. No. 1 in the front. I have funny hair and short is better. Really.
The bird feeder pole has a new anti-squirrel device (only partly successful). The weather is great, and the turkeys were back for a feast.
Without television, I'm missing all the Olympic hullabaloo. Oh well. Another time.


Ur-spo said...

the chinese are winning.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you had an enjoyable day off. In regards to your statement about no television, I would have to say that getting away from it this past weekend was a blessing. To tag along the lines of what Ur-Spo said, I hear Michael Phelps is doing good in swimming. ;-)

publius100 said...

And the intervening week has brought... what?