Friday, January 25, 2008


Such a bad cold. ugh. not again.

It's been very cold (for this neck of the woods), and we have had some snow. But, global warming and such, it turned too quickly to sleet, then some freezing rain. In the old days, we use to get more snow. Now, more ice. Very dangerous.

At least the snow is beautiful.

The interior of the building where I work is being painted, everything. Paint fumes. ugh. And there has been so much pressure at work. Meeting last night went late. Some tension. I hate being in charge. I don't really want to run things. And I wonder if I am running anything, or if it's running me.

Enough for now. More later. Later.


Michael said...

My experience of leading meetings in Twelve Step-style meetings (and watching lots of different folks lead with lots of different styles)is that the leader really doesn't run the meeting. He or she serves by getting things started, introducing or calling on members to speak, makes or asks someone else to make announcements and so on. The great thing about that is that the leader/servant can go home even after a tense meeting and say, "I did what I was asked to do. I was not asked to be the sergeant-at-arms and control the crowd. I showed up, I tried to help and to get out of the way. Most importantly, I did not use [whatever] while I was doing that, so thank you God!"

A friend in Chicago used to tell beginners, "All you have to do is not take a [Insert substance or behavior of your choice], get your ass to one of these damn meetings, and when your head hits the pillow tonight without you having used [whatever], you are a miracle, a living, breathing miracle, and no one can take that away from you, except you."

And on the nights when your head hits the pillow and you have used [whatever], your miracle is that you now get to start all over, and there are people with experience to help you and a Higher Power to give you what you need to get healthy.

On behalf of the people who were at that meeting and who may not have thought to thank you for stepping up and serving, thanks!

BentonQuest said...

I thought that it was just "back when I was a kid" kind of thing, but it does seem like there was more snow when I was younger.

Lemuel said...

We've had very little snow this winter, mostly freezing rain and some sleet. Yecch! But Valentine's Day/Ash Wednesday is coming and if we are going to get a doozie we usually get it then. I finally figured out it has to do with the position of the sun.

As for running things, it is one of the primary delusions of our egos.

john said...

I agree, snow is very beautiful!

Ur-spo said...

i miss all that snow; after all it is january!

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Don't let yourself get too stressed buddy! The more you take on at work, I find the more they give you.