Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Road Trip

And now for something completely different . . . .

Tomorrow morning, my family and I leave for Memphis, TN (is there another?). It's a road trip!
My oldest child is looking at colleges. It is decision time. Said child has been accepted in four schools, and now we must decide. I might also need to find a good bankruptcy lawyer, too!

I've never been to Memphis, so this will be a first for me. The biggest downside is that it's about a 500 mile trip. That will make for a long time of all of us in the confined spaces of an automobile. We will be attempting this without strapping anyone to the roof. Pray for our success in that regard.

Packing and laundry to get down. Away we go! Cheers!


dave in cleveland said...

hope you have a safe trip buddy and if it gets bad you can always strap a rocking chair to the roof....hahaha

walking, not falling said...

ah memphis! rhodes is nice but oh so bourgeois. the overton is nice but stay away from the park....there are strange bears and the like in the woods. sadly, the best Memphis barbecue is in St. Louis. weird, eh?

Mark said...

Was just there (two times) in the last two weeks.

Enjoy. It's purty there.

Ross said...

Ah, a road trip!

They used to be so fun before gas went to $3.00. I'll pray you can afford the trip...let along the college tuition!

Peterson Toscano said...

Memphis is one of my very favorite cities. great people, food, museums, parks and pandas too! Hope the trip went well.