Friday, January 27, 2012

Grateful, whiny, hard

Next Friday, 3 February, I fly to South Africa.  For six weeks.  I can't believe that.  Amazing.  Not much touring around or such as that.

Time spent being quiet, being still, just being.  At least that's the very minimal plan so far in place.

Tonight, after a very long day, and some very tough news, I've been a bit whiny.

Grateful, I am.  Very grateful.

Of course, I'd also like to tell you about the incredibly sexy, hunky roofer I was watching, while I ate lunch.  As I walked out of the eating place, he spoke to me.  Ooooh.  Had he been watching my watching?  We chatted.  that's all.  But I had to adjust my britches a bit.

What a day.


Ur-spo said...

See you in 6 weeks!

Cubby said...

I can tell you are very excited about this. Have a safe journey. Be sure to stretch your legs a lot on that loooong flight.

David said...

Careful with that pants adjusting in the airports! :-)

Topper said...

Very Good for you! I pray you will be emptied, squeezed just a bit, and nourished, filled to overflowing. Ready to tackle your work again with fresh vigor.
Blessing to you.

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